Casey Printers admiting he had problems as a ticat

I posted this in the offseason, posting it again now for all those who thinks everyone else should be to blame for his struggles while he was here.

So… who cares. He didn’t say anything bad. I think you missed the point of most of the posters. Booing Printers only inspired him. Printers was obviously not the only problem with the Cats and for those who are on a mission to trash him, you are the ones that show no class. Time to move on and admit that the team is now functional because of a coaching and GM change more than any one player

Tom Brady would have struggled here as well I think.

I remember one game they where loosing last season and Printers did not want to go back in as he had a HANG NAIL! We paid him $500 thousand, and he was garbage, Glenn and Porter at least gave everything they had and made NO excusses!

Looks like the team he had was garbage the 2 years he was there. Casey has already proved that when he is surrounded with good players who can play and not in a losing environment, he can be and is the best QB in the CFL.

I dont know why there is such a hate on for him in Hamilton. He is just electrifing and I hope he wins the Grey Cup this year so he sticks it to his haters. Casey is back and more of him to come.

Listen, if you need to ask "Why all hate for him in Hamilton" you obviously did not follow him in his Hamilton years.
He flat-out played horrible, took himself out of games that others wouldn't, never took blame for anything he did, piled up the losses when he was expected to turn the franchise around, was a bad teammate, was the highest paid player in the HISTORY of the CFL and did nothing to earn it, and gave the preception that he did not care.
Other than that we all loved his time here!!!
And one more thing, as long as AC is in this league Casey will NEVER be the best QB in the CFL.
Now he does play well in contract years though!!!


Time for Hamilton fans to get over it. The fact is that Printers is acting with more class than the wonderful people of Hamilton who are vilifying him.

You got that right! :thup:

How do you expect someone to just come in and all of a sudden the onus is soley on him to be a playoff team? Looks like there were problems with this team before he even got there, and for a long time it seems. Could it be that he never had the tools to work with to begin with in his time there? The fact that Obie is there and took accountability for the personall and got the players that will play says alot in regards to the old regime. Look at what obie did in BC, he shaped up the Lions to the point they are contenders every year with the players he has helped bring in, and is doing that in Hamilton now.
How about the the lack of a game plan if your always firing GM's and coaches every year? I could see Printers be part of the solution, but to expect that he would be god like is un-realistic. It's like Crosby, Do you think he leads the Pens to a Cup win if he doesnt have MA Fluery or Malkin and he just had pluggers to play with? Look at Kovulchuk in Atlanta. just becauses your a star player does not mean instant success for the team. You need to surround that star player with other good players.

Alot of the bitterness towards him seems like it is unjustified. Maybe you should look at the managment/coaching first with the upheaval every year as part of the issue why the Ti-cats have had brutal seasons this decade, not the 1.5 years that Printers was there and blame all of the issues on him.

Seems like you bitter Printers haters just need to move on and stop being so angry with him, you had a team that won more than 5 games this year and made the playoffs. Be glad for that and thier future, and be glad that Printers is having success somewhere else.

Have you considered the possibility that Casey's confidence in himself
was so low at the time that he didn't feel he could get the job done.

That's what I got out of what he said in the YouTube video.

It doesn't matter how much money he was making he was 'burned out'

After two years of frustration trying to make it in the NFL
he meets up the QB-killing bunch behind the Ticat bench

and another chapter of Hamilton Ticat history is written.

Please provide proof for any of these points... to me it just sounds like more hatred.

Also he wasn't the highest paid player in the history of the CFL I seem to recall Rocket Ismail being lured to the CFL for a pile more then Printers. I also remember certain guys for instance in the non-cap era such as Dunigan and Flutie making more t hen Printers as well. Lastly I think Printers should have been in camp this year and we gave up on him way too early. Instead we replace him with Porter as the future when it appears we had the future sitting right here with CP. All he needed was some protection and a receiver or 2.

Didn’t Tim Rosenbach make more than printers? Seem to remember them opening the vault for that chump.

I agree he lost his confidence big time in the second half of last year. To his credit he went out and did what he had to do to get himself right mentally, he seems like a much more relaxed qb now, which is helping his accuracy more than anything.

He was invited back to camp to compete with Porter, but he refused a pay cut.

Great post adawg, I've been saying all along that we never gave CP the proper tools to work with, he was constantly running for his life with that Oline we gave him I'm just happy we didn't ruin his career, he was naturally a little gunshy after his Hamilton Experience and he looks like he's back in form again.Good luck in Montreal Casey.

That, and Printers thought the world revolved around him when he was here.

The Education of Casey Printers

Quarterback has matured in so many ways since earlier star turn as a B.C. Lion

By Ian Walker, Vancouver Sun November 20, 2009

[url=] ... story.html[/url]
Helping Printers better understand

the daily fight between perception and reality is
where life coach Ray Perras comes into the picture.

The Beast, from the outside it may have looked to you that

'Casey thought the world revolved around him when he was here.'

but note the date when Casey enlisted the help of a Life Coach.

"He's helped formulate things for me that allowed me to change some stuff about the way I was doing things," says Printers,

who started working with Perras in 2008. "It's hard to explain it

you have to look at the situation and take the positive
even though its perceived to be a negative.

What that does is it helps your mind do good things, great things.

If you do think that way, you'll never be surprised."

It's more likely that Casey thought

the world was crumbling all around him in 2008.

Calvillo’s career mirrors Printers’ path

Both QBs struggled under weighty expectations in Hamilton before finding success on new teams

By Mike Beamish, Vancouver SunNovember 21, 2009

click here

Casey and A.C. have both had the experience of playing badly for weak teams in Hamilton

and they both took an incredible amount of heat and the venom there from Ticat fans.

"I liked Casey's comment after the game last week¸..." Calvillo said.

"He was talking about his time in Hamilton, how all that turmoil made him stronger.

And I truly do believe that. I went through it myself in Hamilton.

It mentally toughened me up. And he was able to respond and bounce back from that."

…“A lot of people can either go two ways –
throw in the towel or fight back,” Calvillo says.

"And Casey’s fighting back.

Calvillo is aware of how good fortune smiled on him
at a critical moment, and he is hardly alone

in feeling that serendipity could be
playing a part in Printers’ career, too.

…you’ve got to give B.C. credit

for bringing him in, signing him and giving him a chance.

You’ve got to give him a lot of credit,
too, for reacting the way he has.

He’s grown a lot, not just as a football player."

Calvillo realizes,

as Printers is making it a reality, that there is something of him in Casey.