Casey Printers a bust so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Is Casey playing this week? Do others on this forum feel he has been a bust so far.??

Where do you stand on Casey???????????
Has the mighty Casey struck out???????????

Too early to tell for sure. However, so far? Yes.

Although, the same could be said for the entire Ti-cats Season.

Even if he was starting he wouldn't have the entire playbook or the timing with his receivers down, so it's too early to say.

I think he talked himself up too much before he even stepped on the field and it’s biting him in the ass. He’ll be a good QB sometime soon, but he’ll be the one grabbing the popcorn and juice and watching the CFL playoffs on tv.

I would wait until Casey has a full training camp and the time to learn the playbook before I would say he failed.

He is a great qb and I dont think KC should have cut him based on his preseason performance... Next year Hamilton makes the playoffs. You read that here first.

What do you not think it is a bit early to be judging his performance. Turkey is trolling once again.

PRinters has been a bust so far because he's done nothing since coming back. He had the one good season three years ago, and has done really nothing since.

Another bust in my opinion has been Jesse Lumsden. The guy appears to be injury prone.

He has to find a new way to carry the ball, because trying to run through people all the time leads to injury after injury.

They could have used him in the late stages of teh Winnipeg game, but he gets hurt again.

And if this guy bolts Hamilton again for the NFL next year, I say goodbye and good riddance.

I think his current contract precludes him running to the NFL next year.

Congratulations on your first ever post that didn't somehow bring the BC Lions into the conversation.

hwgill, Will he have another shot at the NFL without doing anything, in this his second stint, in the CFL?

The 2008 season is Hamilton's year. Or was that supposed to be this year . . . I mean last year?

No, 2008 will definitely be Hamilton's season. Providing they can keep the good points of their current roster. Printers is undoubtedly a good point of their current roster. Regardless of his results thus far.

The only bust is Calgary's pathetic defense.

One player doesn't make a team. The Ti-Cats need to upgrade the players around him too. An offensive line that could protect him. Receivers that don't drop the balls.

This year is a wash. Next year, who knows?

Personally, as good as he was in BC, his attitude didn't do anything for me.

if it was based on his preseason they wouldn't have cut him, he was easily the best of the three QB's in preseason...

I doubt it.

I think the Ti-Cats finally have the beginnings of a good team, and if everyone comes back next year, they should be back in the thick of things.

Well obviously it wasnt....:roll: lol

Jesse steal your girl or something??... it seems you have a man hate on for him or something

ok, a lot of bomber fans are probably going to jump down my throat for saying this... but after this season, personally.... i think jesse lumsden is a better back then charlie

hes so hard to take down, powerfull, has the long stretch speed that can get you a TD on any play, and he fights and fights and fights for evey inch out on that field.... i admire him as a runningback, and id be honoured to have him on my team. the guy can win games on his own.

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