Casey Printer’s thumb injury a miracle recovery?

Edmonton’s loss was very convenient for the Lions and Casey Printer’s thumb injury a miracle recovery. Some say the thumb injury was a fake.

Reasons for a East crossover for the B.C. Lions

  • B.C. loss their 4 games against Calgary.
  • Aldo they won two games, it's never easy to play in Regina.
  • Hamilton is not as strong as Calgary and Regina
  • B.C. always had good games against Montreal
  • In the Olympic stadium, the East final will be played in neutral territory said Wally Buono.

Look back at the B.C’s defeat to the Eskimos 45 -13 that made the East crossover possible.

Watching the replay, many wonder how Casey Printers hurt his thumb. And then, knowing that Printers was «injured» and Pierce has a fragile shoulder - why Wally Buono sent Buck instead of Zac Champion on a third down and one situation? Buck was injured and Zac Champion the 5th QB of the team finished the game. Remember this - Wally Buono is the most experienced head coach and maybe the cleverest of the CFL.

In Hamilton

Before the Hamilton game notice Aaron Hunt declaration « the Alouettes are afraid of us». Some may think that Casey’s Printers thumb ligaments healed very fast. This type of injury often takes more then a month to recovery. Casey didn’t loose a day of training. He threw the ball against Hamilton for 360 yards. Not the slightest sign of weakness from his thumb. The B.C’s defence give the week before to the Eskimos offense 260 yards rushes. But only 36 yards rushes to the Tiger Cats. The lost to Edmonton was very convenient and not much effort was made to win the game. By choosing to go the East division, Wally Buono won his gambling! It is easy to circumvent the playoff rules. This will not happen if it was a true East against West Grey Cup.

Thats why the cross over is a good thing so the teams with the best record make it into the Play Offs.

Also there have been All, West Grey Cups, Saskatchewan VS Winnipeg, BC Vs Winnipeg, Yes Winnipeg were temperarily in the East, but we all know sometime this century when Ottawa returns, Winnipeg will re-join the West.


I like to point out that the Lions are a 4th place team. So it will not be the two best teams in the Grey Cup.

better be ready to take that down in 5 days…

Wow there's so much bs in this thread is laughable! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Come on, cfl, get a friggin sense of humour will you! It's only football! :wink:

Chief, give up. Some people are just that way. If he wants to stay all emo and butthurt, that's his choice.

I always chuckle in sports when the finals are played clearly by a team or team that weren't the best in the regular season, didn't have the best records and people go on about the best teams not playing in the championship, likes it a let down. What??? That is not what a championship is all about, it's about winning the championship, not ending up in first in the regular season, that basically means nothing other than you get the home field or ice advantages in the playoff round or rounds. That's it. To give yourself the edge to actually be the champs. If the Lions end up winning the GC, kudos to them despite them sneaking in, really.

Your a Doctor ? You know exactley what was wrong with his thumb ? You have no clue what your talking about. One shred of proof or sources !!!!! By the TV numbers people didn't seem to mind the crossover game !

CFLman forgot reason #6...

-Winnipeg might have won the season finale against Hamilton, knocking B.C. out of the playoffs, and ending their misery...

I don't normally ascribe to conspiracy theories, but now that you mention it, on the play where Casey was injured, I'm sure he landed on his left hand. I thought it was odd how he could injure his passing hand on that play? After an injured Buck couldn't pass the ball, the Lions had to go to their 5-string QB, Zac Champion, who hadn't attempted a pass all season. I also thought it was odd during the week that Zac got virtually no reps at practice, despite him being the only healthy backup.

Then on the first day of practice after the game, there was Casey, reportedly throwing the ball over the receivers heads to spur them on...although his thumb was still "sore"...but luckily wasn't broken or suffered ligament damage as was first thought. :roll:

Case closed. Truth be told David Braley came up with the plan cuz he is from hamilton and he wanted to win and rub salt into the wounds of old friends in steeltown. Printers faked the injury, Buck damaged his shoulder texas-line dancing the night before, Zac Champion was using hallucinagenic drugs with some save the seal protesters at Stanley Park the night before, and Wally changed religions to Catholicism so he could go to confession to confess his sins and cover-up about this sham and be absolved by the priest who is a Lions fan!!! Quite simple to explain really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: :roll:

but it all resting on winnipeg had to loose... thats a gamble

Pretty smart of Buono to throw the game against Edmonton when it was clear that the Ticats were gonna beat the Bombers. That's why Buono is the winningest coach. Get real!!!!

sounds like the als fans are a little worried!!! I notice that ro1313 hasn’t been around.

BC placed 4th your the west...which interestingly enough was enough to finish better than two teams in the east. the crossover keeps the western teams from being punished for being in the west. also to think that wally threw the game to get the crossover is ridiculous. it was printers throwing hand he landed on. have you ever done that...its extremely painful when you strain your thumb. it goes away quickly but it makes it ridiculously hard to squeeze the ball. it shows what you think about this league if you believe there are conspiracies and thrown games. get a life and stop being paranoid

better be ready to take that down in 5 days..
5 days, 10 days, 15 days

Maybe you are right I could change it from this:


To This


Although beating CALGARY at McMahon Stadium might be the biggest challenge yet!


Turkey, I'm disappointed in you, you came out for a visit picked up the local news and didn't stop by for a drink! :wink:


Did you see how Casey ran, jumped, changed directions holding the football with only one hand (the one with his «injured thumb). For example, look at the replay of his touch down. Not once did he fumble the ball during the game while holding the ball with one hand, with his injurded thumb...

Did you happen to noice that Printers was wearing a glove during the Hamilton game to SUPPORT HIS INJURED HAND?

You guys and your conspiracy theories........ :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: