Casey Now In Bombers QB Stable - Now on Practice Roster!

I'm going to hate myself in the morning. :smiley:

"To be, or NOT to be" -- Bramlet?

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8) You had me going there, for a minute, Mark !!!! :wink:

Please excuse my lack of CFL history, but the name Casey Printers appears frequently on this message board and generally it's something negative. Why is Casey Printers one of the most universally disliked CFL players ever ?? Was he supposed to be like the second coming and just tanked ? Or was he a jerk ? Both ?

I probably should have read the thread before I told my bf that they signed Printers lol. Nice one Mark. :lol:

It's his own fault for telling anyone who would listen that he is the greatest qb to ever play in this league.

In his mind he was the second coming of Warren Moon and tanked big time and was injured alot with little minor things.

Amidst all the negative talk about him. . . his MOP season in 2004 was truly magical, and a joy to have seen.

I never heard him say this... and I listened. I never heard him say anything close to this.

Don't let the facts get in the way of your warped reality.

"Get your popcorn ready, its gonna be a show!" :roll:

I heard him say something pretty close to this, but decidedly different. He said he wanted to become the best to ever play the game (or something equivalent). He recognized that he could not yet lay claim to that title based ono accomplishments to date.

You can argue that he was too cocky, but I'd kind of prefer a player have that as his goal rather than something less ambitious, such as: "I aspire to become a career back-up, and maybe get some real game action when we're winning or losing by 25 points or more, only to eventually lose my job to a younger, cheaper guy in a few years."

I didnt hear the actual quote, just remember it being talked about a lot.

People who have lofty goals should never mention them to ANYONE and Ive yet to see an athlete say what his goals are and actually acheive them, except for maybe Mohamed Ali.