Casey is starting Friday wally said on 1040

Casey is WEARING A NEE BRACE and is starting at QB Friday night wally wants a non mobile quarterback rather than a healthy Travis Lulay that can scramble, do not understand, well i guess when the lions get killed Friday, we should blame it on Wally for starting him.

i say Toronto 40
BC Lions 18

and what will you say after the lions walk all over toronto???

What makes you think that is going to happen, Casey is banged up can not run, no offense.

Toronto is one of the best improved teams in the league this year, i see blow out, what makes you think that lions are going to blow them out.

I am only asking what will you say if it happens.

The fact is that Casey game is based on weather he can run or not, If printers is not able to scramble that takes away a big part of HIS game , and changes the way opposing Defences play him. The big question is , is Lulay good enough to start Wally doesn’t think so , I’m sure he didn’t get stupid overnight . Lions may be waiting for Jerious to return as they don’t have confidence in Lulay.

OK then we will Waite and see what happens,


Be careful glasshoppa. Before you know it you will be cheering for the Argos just so you can come back here and say, "See....I told you so!" lol

If Wally is starting Printers wearing a knee brace of all things I wonder if the brace is going to have a bulls-eye on it. Obviously it must not affect his mobility. I just don't understand that decision. A good hit and Printers could be finished. Mind you I don't know the extent of his injury but that just seems dumb to me. If Lulay is good enough to go in for Printers like he did a few games ago then in my books he's good enough to start.

Well, I'll say this much, when all is said and done Printers can't complain about being given the chance to prove himself. Now if only the O Line can lend him a little more support maybe.......just maybe the Lions will beat Toronto.

Yes,...the plot doth surely thicken. Casey admits he's having pain (Lowell Ulrich, Team 1040 report), and he can't scramble, leaving him to pass from the pocket - not exactly his strength. Wally sure is giving him the benefit of the doubt, and showing a lot of patience. Fact is: Casey is not 1 and 2, he is 2 and 6 since rejoining the Lions late last season. Not wanting to sound negative, but I suspect it will soon be 2 and 7. Geroy made a half time comment last game that sums up the problem with the team - indecisiveness. Though he was referring to Casey's ability to execute, I think it also applies to Wally's ability to make up his mind. Why wait until we're 1 and 3 or worse before making a switch. I say shake things up NOW!

I'm hoping our improved defense can out score our awful Offense. Perhaps Phillips, Marshe,and Frankes can return a few interceptions and our sputter offense can do its thing

It is time for Lulay to start!!!!!!!!!!!!! Casey has shown just how overated he really is. For the supposed saviour, he is just 2-8 as a starter since his return. I still feel that Wally kept the wrong QB. I would rather have Buck Pierce at the helm than Casey. He failed in the NFL, he failed in Hamilton and he's failing with the Lions this year. Time for the experiment to end.

I am no supporter of Casey, but if he has been playing injured this yr, then he has shown no such thing. Last yr was a different team, different situation, doesnt count.

Hopefully he gets some protection..

Unless he’s wearing a condom, he won’t get any.
Bottom line, until our O-Line issues get fixed, it will not matter at all who our QB is. One after another will either get injured or play poorly. Its rather hard for a QB to pass on their arse.

if its a lions condom, it will probably leak :wink:

robertson will be fired up , if he gets going... then you guys should be in good shape.. on the other hand toronto has done just enough to win a few times... Good luck to the OLine :thup:

So, he'll get 10 yards this time? I kid. He had no holes to run through last game.

when there are no holes, the best rbs will find a way around the pile.

Yup. He isn't the best, I do think he is good, a solid 900 yard RB. Well, he should be, but we'll see how things play out.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Best comeback of the day!

One of the problems was that alot of people were blaming Buck because he wasn’t mobile enough last year…From injuries,to interceptions. We had the same problem with the o line last year and this year wouldn’t make much of a difference which Qb we would have had. Remember we had a mash unit in the Qb department last year.