Casey is God?

That last play is why Printers needs to go! He thinks he is the team and his arrogance is why we lost another one. The officiating did not help, however, with a QB that relies on his players to make plays, we win more than we lose. With Printers, his attitude that he has to win it alone is what is killing us. Trade him/cut him, I don't care. Use his money to sign Jesse for next year plus rehab for Jesse. All I have to say!

I disagree with your statement, get rid of jesse aswell.

I like Jesse but he is useless. The glass man. Printers has heart. I will take that any day over a player that can barely get into a game before he is out of it.

I think both of these posts are moronic

Whether it was the right decision or not i dont agree that is was him thinking hes above the team or better, shows the guy has heart and will sacrifice the body to gain that extra yardage

what was moronic about my comment?

an extra two yards with 40 seconds left. Glad you are not behind the bench. He needs 70 yards to win it, What is another 2 yards on that play? It is a time waster, period! the rehab was tongue in cheek. I could care less if Jesse stays. Moronic? No, look at all of Printers plays this year. Heart is one thing, stupid plays costs games.

Anyone who wants to get rid of Printers or Lumsden is crazy. There both gonna be great. Watch and see.

Right. If we had played Williams or Porter tonight, we wouldn't have kept the game that close. My take.

He does have to be more careful with the ball, but QBs who scramble and run are prone to make more fumbles and other mistakes. He needs to be more careful with the ball late in a close game, I agree.

Still watching. or I could say, yes they will be great but somewhere else. Which is like most ex-TiCats.

Casey just played his best game as a Ti-Cat... 4 interceptions and a fumble that says it all. also alot of dropped passes though.

Without Casey we are not close, his efforts alone made tonights game the game it was. Face facts people we do not have any other QB on this team capable of what you just watched.... period.

Post of the night! Well stated.

Oski Wee Wee,

Hello 4 picks and a fumble, plus 50% completion rate. He got most of his yards rushing in the first quarter. He has to slide at the end not jump

Printers is not in the position to be hero at the end if he doesn't throw 4 interceptions ( yes the ref gave Edm 1 of those)and hand them points. He has over 10 int and 1 throwing TD. Look at the facts. Williams has more throwing TD's.

Printers has heart...Printers wanted to win this game bad...Get a grip...its his first full year with the team...that pretty much has a NEW RECEIVING CORE, NEW DC, NEW OC, im sure many realize that we may not make the playoffs...we can only get better...i was impressed tonight...if we were say 4-6..would this many ppl be bashing Printers...or the cats for that matter?? Casey put them in position to win...Was Casey out there on kelly Campbell's catch on 2 and 13?...Did Casey make that play?? Yippie-Ki-yah Diehardticat 27

He threw 2 TDs tonight. What are you talking about?

For the record: 9 INTS.

Sorry but I can't believe what I'm reading....5 turnovers by both team. Casey's effort was inspiring and created hope for this team finally. Weither you think he has an ego or not, this team has had a shortage of hero's and game breakers for years. I am impressed by tonights effort and I can't imagine how anybody out there wouldn't be.

Printers played with heart and was nailed trying to keep the drive alive. His best game so far.

Casey is trying too hard. That is his problem. I don't think he was trying to be a hero but I agree that 2 yards was not what we needed. He needed to pass the ball on that play even if it was out of bounds.