Casey holding out for higher pay on Friday!!

According to Mr. York's comments today back east Casey Printers is refusing to play this Friday unless he gets more than the standard Canadian salary he agreed to when added as the 4th quarterback for the Lions. Printers, who now does not have an agent, claims it was inferred that should he become the starter his salary would be raised to the equivalent of double figures factoring out for the whole season. Seems late signees now should be aware to add clauses that spell out incremental raises should one become a starter according to Mr. York. Who will start then if Casey gets stubborn!???
Chaos again in the Lions den!!!!!!!!!!!

Truth is can’t really blame Printers. He should be paid more than $150. per game!!!

where's your link to the media?

....Marty York and Media shouldn't be mentioned in the same senence.....

wow :open_mouth:

I agree!

Marty Dork also reported last year that Bret Farve was going to play for the Argos... :cowboy:

I thought York was laid off in the spring? Whose he work for?

Marty York should wordfilter to Epic Fail, just a suggestion...

He started his own blog...

In an updated story, having resolved the wage issues, it is now reported that Casey has an undisclosed injury that may prevent him starting this week. Sources report it is a bruised ego but Lion management denies that, but did not deny reports of a fractured locker room.

I was gonna make a serious reply to this, until I saw it was Mr. Jork that made the comment, so I'll move on to another thread.

If it is true, then BC still can CO to the East if they lose the next two games and Edmonton gets lucky, so it's not over for them yet this week. Week 19/20 and the semi's is when it counts.

...i thought it was discovered that 'turkeybend' WAS Marty York.....hmmmmm....heh Sportsmen ....guess we was wrong.. :lol:

......Printers ,not starting because of a bruised ego, sounds similar to the bruised thumb, that prevented him from starting a TiCat game last year...Don't tell me he's going down that road again :lol: ....Seriously though...he does deserve a raise based on his performance against the riders....just not a 500 k raise... :wink:

he does deserve a raise but after 1 game?? jeeze I get raises at work after some repeat performance I dont install 1 window and ask for a raise but as everyone else has said this is marty york

And so it starts. Have fun BC, there's a very good reason we turfed him, mainly because he's turned into a freeloader. Signs huge deals (500k in Hamilton) plays a game and sits the year playing madden on his ps3 and 76" hdtv. No different than living welfare check to welfare check tbh.


Here I thought Mr. Jork was this Kanga guy you guys talk about so much. :lol:


SO you (as well as a couple of others) can’t figure out this thread is a joke?

sounds like casey printers has some nice multi media equiptment. i wouldnt go to work either with that stuff... but i also wouldnt go to work if i played for the tie cats.

if wally heard printers say this he'd tell him to stay home.

Wally would probably have Printers detail his auto!