Casey has been telegraphing his passes

I've been saying since day one that Casey has been telegraphing his passes.

Jason Goss even mentioned that he studied film and that was the reason for him jumping those passes.


Hey Cap'n ... just wanted to mention, FOR THE RECORD, that the CAKE I had spoken of EARLIER was OFFICIALLY taken from the oven, cut into cupcakes, and given to the DOGS to lick the ICING.

Apparently Bob O'Billovich did not ATTEND the same BAKING Class I did.


P.S Regarding Casey: Along with his inability/refusal to look off safeties, he has also MASTERED the ONE HOPPER, and the 'loaf of bread' ball handling TECHNIQUE.

The interceptions were telegraphed. I think Casey starts to depend on one guy. Could it mean that he lacks confidence in the others? Or in himself? In replays when he completes big plays you can see that he looks off the receiver first. He does seem to get locked in to a one track mind sometimes though.

Telegraphing high risk low reward 40 yard across field passes is not a good idea

I think Casey should start watching Cavillo films to see how it's done properly. He still has a lot to learn...

Tough to make all of your reads when you're standing in the middle of the 401 at 5 o'clock Friday afternoon.

When we have a line that blocks I think you'll see a change. When Printers has had time this year, he's done an admiral job of checking off.

As I've mentioned in several's tough to judge any other talent on both sides of the ball when your lines are as weak as both ours are at this time.

nobody telegraphs anymore.

Its text messaging his passes now.

Sheesh, even I know that :cowboy:

The O-line can't be blamed for those interceptions, he had time. Printers is a good athlete but he has a lot to learn to become a better QB.

Too bad. I like cake!

I think the whole "looking off" fundmental was what distinguished Porter's play from Printers' play.

Casey is still locking on to his receivers and that allows the DBs to play right on the receivers.

Porter comes in, and looks off immediately, and when he turns his head to look at his receiver, VOILA!, he's got seperation from the DB.

I thinmk it played a huge roll in having Porter's receivers open.