Casey Creehan new DC of the Bombers !

LMAO ! Burke off to a great start. The parade in Mack's office is probably already started :lol:

??? Got a link or are you just hittin the screetch a little harder than normal?

I don't drink :wink:
Leaked by the Tiger-Cats organization to the whiteheads at the Spec.

You don't drink HfxTC ! So , this is the best you're going to feel all day.

Well, I'm a Bomber fan who doesn't drink. Not even with Mike Kelly around. Top that.

You mean this?

"That will inevitably lead to speculation as to whether Ticat defensive coordinator Casey Creehan, who coached under Burke in Winnipeg, will rejoin him next season."

LOL...that's pretty concrete...

Since when are you the guru on who is a good coach or not ? Not sure what the big deal is ? No announcement has been made and nobody has been hired yet :roll:

There's this from the Winnipeg Free Press article Burke getting questions about next year.
As the press conference on Thursday to announce Burke was the Bombers' full-time head coach and no longer the interim bench boss, Burke had announced that he would be replacing himself as defensive coordinator.

"First of all, he (Creehan) has got another year left on his contract so I really don't want to speculate on it. He's got a two-year contract and you just can't make a lateral move, you don't get that choice," Burke said.

Asked if he'd consider Creehan if he were fired by the Tiger-Cats, whose defence was largely outclassed in their last game of the season on Thursday night in a 43-40 loss, in which the Toronto Argonauts used many backup players on offence.

"We have a good guy on our staff in Chip Garber (linebackers coach). Whatever we do, I definitely will let you guys know as soon as we do it, how's that?" Burke said, smiling.

Creehan was a defensive coach with the Bombers in 2010 (defensive line) and 2011 (linebackers). In media reports out of Hamilton, Tiger-Cats head coach George Cortez refused to comment on his coaching staff.

Burke was cryptic when also asked about Greg Marshall, who spent three seasons (2006-2008) as the Bombers defensive coordinator.

"Greg's obviously a really good defensive coordinator. I would think he'll end up in the CFL this year (2013) as a coordinator again. That's all I'll say."

I think the Bomber defence really missed his energy this season, I'd take him back for that alone.

Are you quite sure about that?

Do you recall what your Joey Elliott did against the defence Creehan was responsible for this season in Hamilton?

Most Winnipeg fans aren't sold on Elliott yet; not sure he's got the goods to be a quality starter in the CFL. . . but if he can do that against a defence run by Creehan, do you really want Creehan running your defence?

Check out the Hamilton forums; they'll be delighted to let you have him.

It seems like Hamilton spent a bunch on offense and scrimped on defense so was it talent or coaching or both that was the problem? I wouldn't write-off Creehan because of how this season went. Sometimes a coach is the wrong fit for one team but has success with another.

....Have to agree Blue Blood, Creehan was here with Burke last year and their defence got us to the Cup.. Now was it all Burke...From what I hear Creehan had a way of rousing the troops...What happened in Hamilton is anyones guess but I would start with the fact they are sorely lacking in defensive personnel :wink: There's no foundation yet, to his coming back to the Peg, as I've heard of Greg Marshals name being brought up...We'll see.....