Casey Creehan defensive coordinator

Welcome Coach Creehan to the Black and Gold, all the best this season!

Nice! Based on the video clip I saw of him working with the Bombers, he seems like a very good teacher. Especially to be extremely aggressive at the fundamentals, like blocking and tackling. Should be a good fit for the Cats. :thup:

Welcome Casey!

You have alot of work to do, but alot of fantastic athletes to work with.

Actually here's the clip if anybody wants to see Creehan in action. I like his no nonsense approach and he seems to be instilling a very aggressive work ethic into the players. If it was a lack of motivation the hindered the Cats last season, then Casey seems like he will be able to pump up his troops.

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Man, he looks like he could play!

Welcome to Hamilton and much success in building a Ticat-tough defence here.

Yes! Yes!

After Coach Marshall's highly successful bend and routinely break defence, followed up Coach Chamblins schemes that involved Stevie Baggs dropping into the flats for coverage.The hiring of Coach Creehan, hypothetically should move our defence out of the mariana trench. I can only hope that for the first time in a decade, we wont be a basement dweller in some form or a sub .500 team!

Now we just need to sign Medlock, ticats MVP for 2011..... :thup:

Now we just need to sign Medlock, ticats MVP for 2011...
Extreme ditto..

MedRock is a must to re-sign and irreplaceable in terms of value brought to this team.

Haven't posted in a while, but after watching that video...this guy is intense, I love it, exactly how a defensive minded guy should be. I really am liking our first two coaching hires, 2012 is coming together nicely so far.

Time will tell. The man is definitely intense that's for sure.

Watching that video, Matt Foley kind of sprang to mind. :lol:

Wow! Intense is right. The guy exudes energy. Quite the teacher as well. Focused on the basics, the little things that make players better. With the raw talent we have on D, and Creehan's coaching, we could have something special this year.

One thing, though. Anyone else hear the gym teacher from Mad TV when this guy speaks?

Nice one, CatsFaninOttawa! Coach Hines is great! (Love Matt Foley too!)

reminds me of motivational speaker Matt Foley... :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the fire and brimstone that Creehan exudes. He appears to be the

kind of communicator so many players, young or experienced, can't do without.

Welcome Coach! Give em hell! :thup:

This from Rod Pederson today.

* Sportsnet's Arash Madani reports George Cortez will hire Casey Creehan as his defensive coordinator and former Rider coach Jim Daley could find his way in to the mix somehow.

I hope this isn't true about Jim Daley. The Riders had a horrible special teams unit when he was there. We all know what he did with Edmonton"s defense.

Not crazy about the possible hiring of Jim Daley either for the reasons already given.

I liked the work that Brad Miller did last season with the Cats special teams. I would prefer to bring him back. Better the person you know than to change to someone you don't.

Agreed. Brad is already doing a competent job; why change?