Casey Bramlet...could start

...Throwing the guy into the line of fire early....IF that's what transpires....I hope he's got enough of the playbook down..Kelly says he could go....and Bishop will be no 2....Message to Casey....they have some mean linebackers in Mont. ... you better be quick ...I hope the o line doesn't let the kid down.. :roll: :roll:

Can a QB throw 10 INT's in one game? Apparently Kelly wants to find out by throwing Bramlet into a start against one of the best D's in the league (the poor kid will probably be turned into Montreal smoked meat).

Well, the personnel gaffe of the week comes a couple days early this time 'round. Kelly's gonna ruin that kid.

Even playing him in garbage time after only being around a week is foolish. Starting him against Montreal, on the road....just take a shovel and bop him on the head and save yourself the plane ticket, because that can only end in disaster. Hell, Kelly's hand-picked players couldn't grasp the system after a full camp, two pre-season games and 4 regular season games. And LeFors is a wily vet next to Bramlet. Yet, they're gonna let this guy play after a week in town.


I think he's going to start Bishop and pull him the minute Bish makes an error. This way Kelly will be able to blame Bishop for having to put the rookie in.

Could be....Either way. My assessment still applies.

it is quite mind boggling... unless they are doing the smart thing and having the rest of the season as an 8 game TC... see if they can find some good players for next year..

because as lavarious giles has shown, pre-season is a farce... and you cant realistically build a new team off of two pre-season games... which is what the bombers attempted this year

Mike Kelly is right on one thing and one thing only, Bombers have 8 games to play and are still only a few points back. To do anything other than try and make the playoffs this year would be criminal. I hope they start Casey B and that he gets his ars wiped. Make no mistake I am only a Bishop fan, if Bishop is not the qb I care little for Bombers. Let`s put a ars wooping on Casey B :wink:

Bramlet was able to win the 2007 World Bowl vs. the favored Frankfurt Galaxy in Frankfurt
in front of 45,000 Galaxy fans ... so I don't think a road crowd will bother him.

Lack of overall preparation time --
and Mike Kelly's offensive scheme (with emphasis on the word "offensive")--
may not be so easy to overcome, however.

I'm less concerned about the 20,202 in the stands than the 12 on the field.

Hey fella, I am a Bish fan as well, but you cross the line when you want the other qb to get his ars kicked. If you really a true Bish fan, then get behind whatever qb is out there! Bishop may get another chance this year, CB may get a big win and possibly injured in the Grey Cup game, who knows? Bish could be the Grey Cup MVP if CB gets the ball going against the Als

Looks like all the Bishop guys coming out of the woodwork, what`s with that ?

Bishop to start

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Either way, Like Bishop or Not, He is not the answer and that is already a fact, 8 game training camp for 2010 sounds more realistic than anything, not saying the BB'S can't maake the playoffs, but they are in tough, even being 2 points out with 8 games remaining. But i agree starting a raw QB, with 1 week under his belt against MTL is suicide for the guy. If Bishop craps the bed again, throw in Bramlet, see what he has, he may not walk out of MTL with great numbers (or he may), but at least we get a fresh look at QB. To me this QB situation here in the PEG, is, well a mess. We have a coach who has stated publically that he has no confidence in Randall, then states that the QB situation is the problem, but does nothing serious about it, he tried Bishop and it flopped, he brought in Bramlet, we have yet to see that episode, but as a coach shouldn't you back all of your QB'S no matter what? Stating in public that you have no faith in a QB is just asking for it. Sure Randall has not been impressive in his 10 minutes of work, but how many starting reps has he had at practice, Bishops had 6 weeks and what has he done, really? Now Bramlet is taking more starting reps than Randall, 1 week into his CFL career, has me scratching my head. I hope we find an answer at QB quick, but to be honest, i think Kelly doesn't want to bring in any candidates, why? Who knows!! I have a strong suspicion that he doesn't want ANY other QB in the spotlight, cause somewhere in Kelly's messed up head, he thinks LeFors is still the answer and is scared that another QB will outshine "HIS BOY - LeFors". May sound stupid, but may not be as far fetched as you think, who knows what goes through Kelly's Head? that is the question!!! Is there a reason we have not had a look at any other QB with CFL experience other than Bishop?

Yeah, money. They proably put Simpson on the 9 game list because they could not afford to have the rest of his salary count against the cap. Unless they are prepared to ditch either Bishop or Randall in exchange, they probably are not able to fit another QB salary into their budget.

And for that matter, Bishop is probably enough of a vet that his salary is now guaranteed for the year regardless of what they do with him. So scratch him off the list of places where some money could be saved.

People forget, but of the 9 turnovers last week Bishop was only responsible for 1 of them. Yes in the dying seconds there was a 2nd pick from a Hail Mary pass, but the game was long lost at that point. And the 3 picks the week before? 1 receiver clearly fell, a 2nd was picked. If Bishop was your uncle you might say, hey that`s unfair that Uncle Mike gets the blame for all 9 turnovers, when at best he only had a hand in 2.

Hey like my Granpappy used to say (he used to say a lot o things) nobody ever said Life was fair son. He also said this...son when you look like us you do not call other people funny looking, but thats for another thread 8)

Kelly announced Bishop will start and Bramlet will get some playing time. Bramlet probably starts next game.

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So in the unlikely event that Bishop and his receivers gell, and Bishop throws for 350 yards 3 tf passes with zero ints, Bramlet will start the next game?

He did say "probably".

That's why I added the "probably " Pay attention.

Just read on another forum that Bramlet threw 4 ints in practice yesterday :oops:

Five more and he's tied with Bishop.