Cary Koch no on 9 game IR

Bowman comes back Koch goes out leaving the Esks thin at receiver still.
Dressing just 6 receivers as well as Hybrid returner in rookie.
Henry again will be called upon to start leaving the ESKS without a 4th import receiver coming off the bench.
They do have Jamar Howard with pro football expereince still on the PR for several weeks now so it could be a matter of time before he gets his shot or they look to other NFL free agents

Adversity is something the Esks are no stranger to this season. I look for Esks to be able to expose the weakest secondary in the CFL, as long as the O-line can provide some protection.

So far you are right the O Line is holding up and Reilly is connecting with both Bowman and Stamps with ease. Burke has been on his DBs all season this could finally be the time that the Bombers look for some help in the D backfield