Cartwright Out

According to Global, Berry will be taking over the offense.

is this good or bad. but then again our play calling can;t be worse if this is the case...what is Kit doing...packing it....or sitting on the sidelines collecting a cheque....i want to see his arse out the door...this guy cost us BIG-time.... :?

Was this the evening telecast after Friday's game? Given the stubbornness of management and coaching staff, I find it surprising that Global would be told this by the Bombers immediately after a loss. Demotions or firings using come after the team has broken down the game on film.

Who said that Berry will be taking over the offense? the Free Press today , it was suggested that MIGHT be an option that Berry is considering...and that would be to take over the offence....I would say he better take it over or start packing his bags along with Cartwright...This club has to turn things around now, orrrrr it'll start getting nasty in the Maroons road office... :rockin:

Cartwright needs to go. He can't run your offense properly. On the other hand, I don't know what Berry was thinking by starting an inexperienced QB like Dinwiddie against a veteran Toronto D, and keeping him in despite the fact that he was struggling big-time. Glenn should have gone in after the first quarter.