Carter's Catch GoAT?

If anyone has a better (football – no need to show Kevin Pillar here) catch, let’s see what ya got.

Honorable mention goes out to
Tony Champion’s Grey Cup,
David Tyrie’s Superbowl catch,
which may well well be the best two championship catches.

Spare me the nonsense of PI call from bitter Argo fans.

...Odell Beckham Jr. TD catch is better

Not going to argue PI, I just want to address the PS; the Argos lost for a lot of reasons that had nothing to do with that play. They should have been able to overcome that play but they didn't. I'm bitter the Argos blew a game they should have won had they taken better advantage of their O and played better on D. Carter made 8 other catches and they couldn't stop him. Give a talented receiver 8 catches and he will burn you.

As for catch, I'm still going with Tony Champion; he had to stretch out, rotate backwards and catch the ball fully stretched out parallel to the ground with broken ribs. Tyrie and Carter had great hand eye coordination on their catches but not the other acrobatics that Champion had to use. I haven't seen a catch that comes close to that since and this is a life long Argo fan giving the honour to a Ti-Cat. I could lose my Argo fan membership for this. :wink:

Tony Champion's catch was the best football catch ever.

Have to agree.

There are a number of catches one can argue are the best ever for various reasons. Hell, SJ Green's in the season opener in 2010 would be at least in the conversation for me.

None the less....this was definitely a top end catch and will be a legit contender for catch of the year in a year that some amazing catches are being made.

Oh....Champion catch at 228:

I think it was a huge catch because it was in a championship game, but IMO it would not make a top 10 list of catches purely because of the catch alone. argument there...

Johnny is gonna be a bit of a homer here. But, this catch by Cahoon is right up there with the best!

It's been 7 years already since he retired. Johnny misses seeing him on the field. :frowning:

Been fun watching the clips. Not an NFL fan so I don't remember this one, but it's a lot tougher and better than Carter. Still like Champion but this deserves to be in any best catch conversation.

Na. Its not any better (in my opinion of course). He does stretch a little bit more however he did not one hand back hand catch it. Not to mention the fact that he is catching an NFL ball, which is a big deal when talking one handed catches. CFL balls are sightly larger which makes a one handed grab that much more difficult (unless your name is Shaq O'Neal).

As one person said previously on this thread, there are probably 10-15 catches that anyone can make an argument as being the GoAT. Certainly this one is in the conversation but in my mind it does not beat Carter's catch.

This is a good catch also but I do not think it would crack a top 10 football catch list. There are just too many significantly better ones.

That's not even Greens best catch. This years catch with the Argo's beat that one easily.

Great catches, CFL, NFL whatever. Just great watching this in the great game of gridiron football. :thup:

I think you have to give it to Tony Champion. Give OBJ the same gloves that those old guys had to use and you’ll see how many catches he can actually come down with. The texture and stickiness on the new gloves that receivers wear make them look a lot better than they actually are.

Carter gave the ball from the catch to a young woman who has overcome cancer. What a classy move by Carter. He is quickly becoming a fan favourite in riderville.

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I disagree, but to each their own. Everyone has different opinions on great catches, just like I didn't think Champion's was something outstanding, even though it tops many people's list.

Carter is a pretty nice guy...I have talked to him several times and he seems awesome...though seems to be very hyperactive which could be a bit much in long doses. His on-field antics are a bit much for me but aside from the game he seems like a great person.

great story. gratz to Michelle.