Carter, Wladichuk & Morely

All CFL teams did their annual end-of-season roster clean-up at the end of November when all players who have been on the Reserved, Injured, Practice Roster and maybe Suspended (not sure about that one) lists have to accounted for by being added to the Active Roster for the off season or by being released, becoming free agents. In other words, there are no Reserve, Injured, or Practice Roster lists in the off season.

The Ti-Cats added to the Active Roster 9 of the 10 players who were on the Injured list and Darcy Brown, who had finished the season on the Practice Roster and had not been re-signed since. The missing name is MATT CARTER. Not sure why, but wonder if perhaps he was "loaned," in a fashion, to the Cats for this year by BC to allow him to be closer to his Mississauga home during a family illness. Or,it might just be a clerical error.

The Cats also added Non-Import DB RAY WLADICHUK who was on the Suspended List all season after quitting near the end of Training Camp to go back to Simon Fraser -- a surprising move because he would have made the team or at least the PR.

And, a new signing is an Import DB DEMETRICE MORLEY who played 3 or 4 years at U. of Tennessee but was kicked off the team prior to his senior season ('09). Some of his story in this link:

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Morley seems to no appreciate authority too well.

Hopefully he buys in here.

Matt Carter is on the roster. I'm pretty sure he was on special teams in the last game against the Lions. Morely looks like he could be a keeper. A strong safety in the NCAA could translate to a halfback or linebacker in the CFL. It looks like he and the new Tennessee Vol. coach did not see eye to eye. A couple of other players suffered the same fate with the new broom in Rockytop. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

You're right Pat! Double checked and the roster listed on the Ti-Cat site at the time of the semi-final only listed 45, including Reserves, with Carter wrongly on the Injured List.