Carter / Tisdale Released

Tisdale...not shocking...he was a stop gapper. Penalties will go down now.

Carter...felt like if they wanted to get him game reps it should have been at S or a LB...he can not cover. Love his tackling though...was one of the better on the team

Funny to see all the hype on TSN about Sam quitting after playing all of one game and Tisdale a veteran of how many years gets cut and nothing, zero,zip yet we are suppose to believe that all the media hype about Sam was football related. Yeah, uh huh, sure, riiight.

Well I hope that this gets Paul Woldu back on the field then

I'm hoping it means Macdougal...and if that happens I am hoping it means Brack moves up and Harris to the bench or out the door

MacDougall in.........hope so. I hope his shoulder is ready to roll. He plays a slightly aggressive style so having his shoulder intact is important.

Freedom for Brack..........if this allows another D package to come in where they can line up Brack at LB'er great.

Macho has not been impressive in the least. So if Brack moves FT down to LB that might be good. Brack closer to ball is good. His last game was likely his best game so hopefully he can improve on it again.

Mashay Green ready yet? Is he going to fill Tisdale's spot?

I sure hope so. I tend to think Hollins will play a factor.

Doughty was not at practice...heard he is hurt. LeGree is doing Safety with Knox/Brack holding down OLB...nice to see

McHenry was back practicing....super to see...I am a huge fan

Yea Carter could never seem to get over that hump. With all the injuries he was back to being an extra Utility DB on the roster. As was mentioned his cover skills are not that great. So playing HB etc in mid game did not suit him. I always thought that his best chance would be to focus on playing FC and S. Having other players shift if needed. Injuries prevented that. So off he goes.
Hopefully that means Macdougal will be back. After three years in Calgary and with Brak out most of TC. I think he proved that he can be a regular contributer on Defense at S. Whether as a starter or part of a regular Package. His ability now to fill in at WillLB in a pinch helps alot as well. He definetely is great on coverage teams. That kind of versatilty is huge. When Butler left for Hamilton that left a huge whole with Canadian depth being versatile.