Carter suspended 1 game, Campbell fined

I take it logic isn't your strong suit?

If "where he was supposed to be" is charging towards (and right smack into) the opposing team's coach, then it really is open season on coaches. Any coach found straying onto the playing surface shall do so at risk of being attacked by opposing players.

It will be most interesting to see which of these individuals next displays sociopathic behaviour: Carter or Campbell. Any bets?

Poor move by the CFL, but it looks like it was done to prop up their weak disciplinary system. Maybe they think that by fining Campbell it will help support the suspension to Carter. Why else would you fine someone for getting knocked down.

If you watch the video Campbell had stopped walking and Carter had to take at least 2 strides towards him while Campbell was standing still to make contact. So what more could Campbell have done to "avoid contact with the player"? The only thing more he could have done is get off the field. So he was fined for being on the field? Get out your cheque book coaches because you're now working for free. Every coach in the league is on the field several times a game. Popp was on the field why was he not fined?

Carter got what he deserved. Robinson and Gavins deserved fines although we don't know at what level they were fined. Campbell was a typical cowardly reaction by the CFL to appease the suspended player in the hopes he won't appeal because we all know the likelihood of it being overturned on appeal is high due to the toothless CFL disciplinary system.

I beg to differ. Not even close. Six games would have made for a good opening bid, as long as it came with the added provision that any similar violations would mean a permanent ban.

I think they got it right. Carter clearly instigated the whole matter and went direct for Campbell.

What I would like to see though is the league to pull the refs aside and say "If you see a coach on the field or players wander onto the field for any reason, you throw a flag for too many men or delay of game."

Oh please :roll: Another drama queen from Hamilton. Did you get your panties in a bunch when your own head coach Austin bumped into a player, from behind?

Then lets go back and give coach Austin a 6 game ban. :thup: :thup:

And Khalif Mitchell would get what.........60 games? On a scale of 1-10 for physical altercation with a non player this is a 1.

And Khalif Mitchell would get what.........60 games? On a scale of 1-10 for physical altercation with a non player this is a 1.
You answered a question that was not asked, and you are trying to cloud the issue :roll:

Crackhead Carter's son deserved the one game suspension, but the bigger issue here is coaches on the field.

There needs to be a zero tolerance rule - - if any coach steps over the white line it's a 15yd penalty. And this goes for both the CFL and the NFL. Look at what happened last year when Joey Porter was halfway across the field and inexplicably the Bengals got flagged instead of him. It cost Porter $10k and it cost Cinci their season.

Make it a reviewable penalty and I guarantee that after six weeks you'd never see another coach on the field again.

What video did you watch

He did not run into the bench...he was inbounds on the field.
Campbell leaned in to him...and took a dive
Carter was pushed into the bench area and punched in the head

Again I am not saying Carter in innocent...but neither is Campbell


Not only get attacked. They can look forward to getting fined for being attacked.

And Ro, if you intended to avoid sounding like a homer, this sentence...

"He was clearly inbounds when Campbell leaned into him".

...didn't help. It's more like when Carter walked directly into a guy that was standing in place.

According to Campbell and if you look at the video, Campbell was 3 feet out on to the field trying to look at the scoreboard and trying to determine what defense he needed for the convert, either a PAT or the 2 point convert.
Any coach will be out on the field after a TD
He wasn't even looking at Carter and he didn't step out into his path, he doesn't move at all.
Even if Campbell had stepped in front of Carter and even if he had said something to him it doesn't excuse what Carter did, you don't sprint towards the other teams bench and taunt them.


Throw a flag for every time a coach is on the field ? You gotta be kidding it's bad enough that the games have been dragging on into the 3+ hr range this season. There are enough delays already in the games with the incessant video reviews, coaching challenges etc etc . Let's get real here if the refs started throwing flags every time a coach went on the field there would be a flag thrown on pretty much every play. The games would never end. Some people think that the games are flag fests nowadays anyway so let's not add fuel to the fire and give more reason to see more nylon littering the field.

Or the coaches could try something novel like not going on the field.

Football is apparently a unique sport in that nobody seems capable of following the rules and instead blames the officials for enforcing them.

Carter on way past Ottawa bench, delivered beauties like: “I got money, I’m the best? & “I can do whatever I want.?

Gee it's a damn shame that Carter's suspension will be when the Cats visit Montreal next week.
No Carter, no Green , no Sutton..........No Chance :wink:

waiting for Johnny's response in 3-2-1......... :slight_smile:

Still waiting for all those Cats fans to acknowledge the rampant double standard in how a push is enforced. Duron Carter gets ejected from one game and suspended for another. Kent Austin gets a fine. Hmm....

We watched the same video, but I saw a guy standing flat-footed, three feet from his sideline, with no reason on earth to expect that a football player was about to plough into him. I honestly didn't see a "lean" - but if he did, it could well be because he realized at the last second that this maniac was not going to stop.

As for a "dive", I'm not sure how everyone is able to conclude that. A 200 pound football player ran into the guy with some force, for which he was not likely to be prepared (because why should he be?). Why is it so hard to believe that such force knocked him off balance and caused him to fall???

And while Carter did not "run into the bench" per se, he bee-lined straight for the bench unnecessarily, and after hitting the coach he veered back in the other direction. Pure coincidence? You think he would have taken the same trajectory (random change of direction away from the bench) had he not succeeded in hitting someone?