Carter suspended 1 game, Campbell fined

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Montreal Alouettes #als WR Duron Carter suspended by #cfl for 1 game for bumping #redblacks HC Rick Campbell, Campbell fined undisclosed amt

Coach Campbells reaction to the fine

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#Ottawa #Redblacks DB Jerrell Gavins fined for punch thrown at Duron Carter, Jermaine Robinson fined for high hit on Carter. #CFL

One game for knocking down a coach. Interesting. Open season?

If Campbell can get fined for getting hit by Carter, then by that same logic, should Carter also be fined for getting hit by Gavins? I believe the back of Carter's head "initiated" the contact with Gavins' hand.

I’m OK with the ruling. If Campbell was off the field of play and he still gets knocked down, then a longer suspension would have been warrented.

Curious to know what the fine to Campbell was. 50K would be my guess.

Coach Austin was fined $5K for bumping Dave Stala

Fair enough. My guess is well on the high side.

I would lke to see 10K though just to try and make it a further deterrent.

The real question is how long will the inevitable appeal take, and will it actually be one game?

The likelihood of a CFL suspension getting overturned is pretty high.

I'd never noticed that Montreal has both teams stand on the same sideline. So, what's up with that? Is that a league wide thing, or just a Montreal thing?

It's the same in Ottawa. I thought it was league standard.

Let me start by claiming

Carter got what he deserved

However Campbell was on the field where technically he is not supposed to be.
He did lean into the bump. And he faked getting knocked over
Would he still have been bumped had he not leaned into it?
Probably but he is still partly to blame

Let me end by saying
Carter got what he deserved

because you can bet someone will call me a homer and a troll

Its an eastern thing Every team in the east has both benches on the same side.

Oh, shut up, homer... :wink:

It's hard to evaluate this without knowing what the fines were.

I wouldn't have been shocked if it had been more for Carter. People talk about Campbell being a couple of yards past the sideline, but Carter made damn sure to make his way along that sideline. He very much intended to go down there and start lipping off at the very least. He wanted to start trouble.

On the flip side...Gavins threw a punch. It wouldn't have surprised me if he'd have been suspended on that basis.

Carter has the right to be on the field...He has to walk by their bench to get to his
Campbell had no right to be where he was. And how many players "Lip off"?

Even Stegal admitted to have done the exact same thing many times....not the bumping part

[url=] ... s-june-30/[/url]
Ottawa REDBLACKS head coach Rick Campbell has been fined for his part in the incident. A thorough review concluded he could have done more to avoid contact with the player.

Ottawa REDBLACKS safety Jermaine Robinson has been fined for a high hit to Carter’s head area on Carter’s touchdown reception during the third quarter.

Ottawa REDBLACKS defensive back Jerrell Gavins has been fined for delivering a punch to an opponent during the incident in the bench area and for an inappropriate gesture towards fans following his disqualification from the game.

Based on the last part Carter would have been better off decking Campbell....only a fine for punching someone :wink:

SECTION 11 – TEAM PERSONNEL Article 1 – Bench Area The team bench area shall be a rectangular area situated not closer to the Sideline than 6 feet and extending for a distance of 30 yards parallel to the Sideline. During a game, the area may be occupied only by substitute players in uniform and other accredited persons including coaches, doctors, trainers, equipment assistants and water carriers. All such personnel are required to remain within the rectangular area with the exception of the coaches, who may take positions between the bench area and the Sideline. The coaches shall not be permitted on the playing field at any time during the game, except with the permission of the Referee.

Carter is not walking to HIS bench, that's my problem. He's walking to Ottawa's. You even see him change direction after the bump. He was looking to start something and did.

And look where Popp is standing at 4:11.

Coaches stand on the field between plays all the time, every game, without penalty during or after the contest. So no, I don't think Campbell's fine is warranted (and of course, I don't think Popp should be either, just illustrating that it happened literally two minutes later) unless the intent is actually to start enforcing that rule.

As an aside, maybe the team should fine Gavins for trucking his own teammate at 3:07. :oops:


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“I’m a fan of the CFL so I hope this gets put behind and everyone can worry about the next week of playing football,? said Campbell, who acknowledged that Carter had reached out to him later.

“He apologized. It’s personal stuff, he said he was sorry he had bumped into me. I had never met the guy. But he was very nice. I’m trying to move on to Calgary.?

Was he inbound or out of bound when the bump occurred?

He was clearly inbounds when Campbell leaned into him
Carter was where he was supposed to be...Campbell was not...That is the bottom line.
Don't forget he was on the bench side of the field when he caught the TD. He never left the playing field until he was PUSHED after the bump. Are we supposed to have a line on the field that players cant cross on the way back to their bench...Well we do, its the sideline and Carter was on the proper side

Yes Popp was on the field But there were no Ottawa player walking back to their bench at the time. But the rules state he should not have been there. if the league decides to inforce the rules that are already in be it

I wonder if he was man enough to apologize for his part

Glad to see that Campbell got fined for bumping Carter and diving.

Surprised that Carter only got 1 game. He should have gotten more IMO.

The only way you get more than one game in the CFL is if you disembowl someone. Ever since the rash of anything resembling a real suspension being appealed down, they haven't bothered trying to hand out harsher ones.

Carter is a great talent although humility is not one of his more prominent traits...he is entertaining as heck though...

[b]Not only did Duron Carter bump into Rick Campbell and knock the Redblacks coach to the ground Thursday night, the Montreal Alouettes’ receiver’s mouth was flapping on the way past the Ottawa bench, delivering beauties like: “I got money, I’m the best? and “I can do whatever I want.?[/b] [url=] ... acks-coach[/url]