Carter on sideline today?

What on earth, and for what possible reason, was Duron Carter doing on Montreal's sideline during the Calgary game today? Popp, who was also there, must have allowed it.
Mind boggling...completely mind boggling. One could guess that Popp was undermining the cutting of this guy. I mean who would do this? And why?

Maybe he got a job as the Als new water boy after all he is unemployed and looking for work. :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a better theory.

He has applied for a new job.

The guy who bounces around in the Lark mascot getup.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

actually it was quite nice of him to observe from the sidelines to see first hand how the team can win without him in the lineup.

Apparently Carter was outside the stadium today before the game looking for work !!! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate the humor but I was hoping to see if anyone could actually offer a reason for it.

Who would controversially cut a player then invite him to attend the game on your sideline? And why? I just don't understand it at all.

Moot point I guess.

It's Montreal , would you expect anything else from that carnival freak show of a team ? :stuck_out_tongue: who the Hell knows what he was doing there ?? Perhaps a few Alouette fans can take a moment out from making excuses and trying to justify to everyone else how their players(or ex-players :wink: ) can do no wrong and maybe offer up an explanation as to why the Son of Cris was where he was. I have to admit that it makes no sense to me why the "coach bumper " would be on the sideline but like I said......It's Montreal !!! so who knows with that outfit ? Maybe Cato needed someone to carry his jockstrap for him. :lol:


Well it is Halloween so maybe it was just somebody wearing a Duron Carter face mask :lol: :lol: :twisted:

It was odd to see him there.

However, I might suggest you go over to the Als section.

Johnny and his gang might have some insight.

Has Kent Austin hit someone today? :smiley:

Nope. This is a mystery! It is also weird...

Well the Als forum says that Carter was in the end zone stands. The camera perhaps made it look like he was on sidelines to my eye.
So nothing to it if true. Certainly he has every right to be in the stands. My mistake.

This reminds of those WWE storylines where a wrestler would be suspended or banned from the building and would buy a ticket as a fan to get around this little obstacle.

He was actually standing beside one of the end zones on the field. Those are VIP type tickets. Very strange...