Carter bump VS Austin bump

[i]So coach Kent Austin bumps a player. Like a coward from behind no less. Stale the player could not avoid Austin.

Austin Gets a fine.

Player Carter bumps a coach. Coach Campbell could have moved out of the way.

Carter gets ejected from the game, and suspended for another game.

Very similar transgressions. In fact Austin's could be seen as worse. But, Carter gets a much worse punishment...[/i]

Johnny is comparing apples to oranges.

Yet I get the point Johnny is making.

However , I might point out that in the Austin scene, Stals is on the sideline running his mouth, when he should have been just going back to the field. The " bump " was a very light swipe if anything. Austin was just trying to get him to get out of his bench.

He should not have been fined.
Much ado about nothing.

WTF ? I have bumped little old ladies in the supermarket harder than that when they will not get going.

Johnny, do not let you dislike for the Cats cloud you eyes and judgement.

I know Johnny has it in there. Just dig down deep.
It will feel grrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaat.

( Get it ? That is from Tony The Tiger )

Austin was barely a bump. He gave him a little shove towards the field to get him away from the Hamilton bench. Should he have done it? No, but he barely hit him hard enough for Stala to notice let alone be knocked off his feet.

Carter gave a significant bump to Campbell. Call it a dive if it helps you sleep at night, but the video does not back that up. People who dive go down quickly in a controlled fashion because they don't want to get hurt doing it. Campbell stumbled back 2 paces before losing his balance. No dive. For those still unconvinced you need to watch a little more soccer and NHL.

Night and day the difference between Austin and Carter. Johnny needs to take off the black and gold shades when he gets in these testy moods. Wear blue shades and vent on the Argos for awhile. :wink:

[i]Brihind and CDmoses. Oh geez... Carter gave Campbell a little bump. It was a dick thing to do, but Campbell did dive!

Austin did not bump Stala hard, it's true. But, Carter's bump was nothing as well. Johnny is starting to think there is something else to this...[/i]

Really?! You bump Johnny's mudda, you gonna get a bump bump from Johnny! :cowboy:

Shovelface was very discrete in his bump of Stala - - slowly walked over and bumped him lightly.

Carter was bouncing around charging straight at Campbell - - almost like he was tripped out on something. Maybe the apple didn't fall far from the tree and this is Crackhead Carter Jr?

There is something else to it.....Johnny has it in for the TiCats and his prejudiced view is clouding his actual view of what the video shows. I hate the Cats too (lifelong Argo fan so it is in my blood), but even I can see the difference.

edit: even A-51, when you look beneath the childish name calling, can see the difference between the two. Johnny really wants to admit he's not as smart as A-51?

[i]Most of this post doesn’t even deserve a response. :roll:

There is something else to this. Either favouritism, or worse…[/i]

Yet you responded. See, you are one big contradiction Johnny. How can anyone take anything you say seriously. :roll: :roll:

Now you sound like Johnny's ex-wife :roll:

I'm better looking,

and have better taste in teams.