Carter back at it

when you have 60 plus players with high levels of competiveness in a room, fights can and will happen.
if Duron Carter was not involved this would have been a non issue and we would not have heard anything.

Absolutely and in football the “passion” is the ‘Bedrock of a great player and team’

Let’s see if we can make a definite statement in Calgary.
Go Riders

Maybe they can make bo run :)??????? :slight_smile:

No 'official' news announcement at 12:56 PM CST.

Fake News - IMHO

Won’t be anything until after practice

It’s done, nothing to it, blown way out of proportion. Move on to football.

If anything Jones is likely proud of Carter stepping up for a teammate in need…which caused the incident.

THIS. I will take anger at practice over apathy anyday.

For the poster worried about all the time this is taking from Jones prep I must say it seems like an over-reaction by the poster. It's not like he has to game plan for it.

When I played football I got in a fight/altercation with a team mate once, it actually brought us closer together.

I love that the Media Hype Machine got suckered. Fools.

Impressed that the usual suspects group of Roughrider Haters didn't come up with their typical childish ruminations and goofy cartoons, maybe there's hope for them yet.

If Friday night is the result of ‘Carter being at it again’ - I hope someone kicks someone else in the balls this week.


One might almost feel this whole thing was scripted to mess with the stamps

Well played Carter.... well played lol