Carter back at it

Just heard he could be suspended for at least one, if not all games this year. Another "Carter moment" comes back to haunt Riders this year, instead of any other team he played for previous. All the "told you so's" are going to be out in full force now. No Carter, and Roosevelt questionable, sure changes things. Thanks for being the Bigger Man and putting the team before your blatant personal issues that have never been dealt with Duhhh Ron.

That pie-faced coach and GM will prolly go after former bomber hobo WR, TJ Thorpe!

Riders need a W to certify a cross-over - prevent the sickly BC Lions from displacing them in the standings!

Rod is actually saying cut. Carter seems to be confirming that on Twiter

Grant is sounding to be out for this game as well.

weird weird weird story…

Madani has apparently confirmed that nobody was released.

A coach apparently summoning the players to fight is surreal if true and he should be gone whomever it was…you don’t do that when 2 guys are wound up because you KNOW Carter will

you feel BC is going to win out?

If it's true that Carter and Grant are gone you might as well pack it in for the year.

Well Johnson…D captain…tweeted essentially…yeah there was a minor scrap today for 5-10 seconds which is not abnormal (and it really isn’t) and that this got blown out of proportion by media and that nothing was serious…

As a captain on this football team I'm going to say this once "WE ARE FOCUSED ON THE TASK AT HAND THIS WEEKEND" please let us do that! #1 There was an altercation at practice tempers flared it's football! Truly doesn't deserve the type of attention it's received! #1 It truly wasn't that freaking serious! Nor is any of the allegations true! So let us focus and do our jobs and stop spreading rumors! #1 Find something better to do it's sad how media can twist a situation that lasted 5-10 seconds into something that lasts a whole evening! #1
Sounds like Carter took notes from Judge and just rolled with it...but hours later he posted a pic of the guys bowling tonight...including the scrappers

sounds like a “nothing to see here” matter…but I guess we will see more tomorrow.,

Hope you are right.

Heck, maybe it brings them closer together. But 'hope' is never a plan.

I sure hope your right Depo. It's understandable that tempers can flare, perhaps more so after a disappointing weekend loss. These kids are high strung and intense that play with heart and soul so its probably true that tempers boiled over a tad, and got blown out of proportion through different media sources. I know some have different opinions of Carter, but he rocks IMO. I wonder how many Carter jerseys have flew off the shelf since his very impressive one handed catch 5-6 weeks ago, and everytime he takes to the field. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a release to shed some calm/truth and put this quibble to rest. Last thing the Riders need today is more tension in the locker room or in RiderNation for that matter. I'll also add that I think the best place for the Riders is 4'th with the cross-over giving them there best chance to go all the way to the GC. IMO.

It seems like there's a major hate on for Duron Carter among our radio personalities. Personally I love the guy. That excessive first down celebration they do is always good for a laugh.

Unless Jones says otherwise this sounds like it was a brilliant piece by the boys and the media got burned hard. FFS Carter changed his occupation was "Expert Level Troll" when he posted it on Twitter...then it sounds like Dennis and Grant hopped on the fun train and said they were done as well. Really looking like they played the media. Likely got a text asking them and were like WTF and messed with whomever as a big FU not thinking it through as something that would be taken seriously when it was suddenly 3 gone...I mean Dennis wasnt even practicing...pretty epic if it holds true.

I dont think so. I think media contacted someone to see what happened with the fight in practice as multiple media people there managed to miss it (so it probably was nothing) and said it back just playing with them and it blew up fast.

Yeah something is really wrong when not one local media person caught anything that happened. Now with that said I do think there was a scuffle but how serious it was is highly speculative. Now I guess Jones is suppose to address the press tomorrow about the incident so if it was absolutely nothing would he even bother or basically tell them to go pound sand.

I hate this kind of garbage and the last thing this team needs is this kind of distraction. They lost to Ottawa because of coaches not being focused enough to suspect a fake punt. The team also lost because of some lack of discipline at times and bad penalties. This is not exactly a shining example of being either of those things. Media hoax or not this has gone full blown in a hurry and if players were the ones behind that by making “suggestive tweets” I can’t see Jones finding the humor in it. I know if I was him I sure wouldn’t either. This team needs to be focusing on getting a win and into the playoffs , instead of causing a **** storm in the media.

I guess tomorrow we will get a explanation from Jones how much truth will be exposed is highly doubtful as this is now about trying to get the Genie back in the bottle more then anything else. Great our HC now needs to waste time being a spin dr instead of focusing completely on the task at hand of beating the Stamps. Not cool in my opinion.

Well…we will see tomorrow, but at this point he has to speak on it even if it was your average fight

If it turns out to be nothing I don’t see this as a bad thing at all…this is the shit that bonds players. It used to be going out to the clubs and causing commotion but they can’t do that now.

Yeah, I suppose he (Jones) probably has to speak on it, given the social media "coverage." But what would even be more sweet, would be for him to NOT comment at all, and let his defensive Captain (should say "a team captain" not necessarily the def Capt) address it. I suppose that depends on how articulate your defensive captain is though.

Yes he does have to address it now but I don’t really see a lot of positives from this. I mean instead of focusing on the task at hand of trying to beat a very good Stamps tea and securing a playoff spot now he needs to take time and waste it on this . Not a great thing in my opinion.

This is all "smoke"..true enough it wastes some of his time having to address it (to the media), but count me as one that thinks this whole thing isn't that bad of an issue. I'm actually happy to see some "fire" in their bellies, sure there's other ways to demonstrate that, but gee-whiskers, this is football. If the lads had a bit of of school-yard dust-up at practice, GOOD! Rather have to reign in passion than try and instill it!

Hate to break this to you…distractions can be a good thing. Do you feel that these guys live and breath football 24/7? Oh no!!! the coach needs to talk to the media for 10 minutes…Oh wait…he does that anyways…daily. The distraction is “there was an altercation but it is nothing to worry about” or “there was an altercation and these are the actions we are taking.” in one situation it “consumes” for about 2 minutes and then creates a tension breaker the rest of the week, in the other it sucks and was a presser he would have to have.

If Carter and Williams were still at odds I would be more concerned…considering they went out after I am not.

I agree. If you have a week of practice and there is not some shoving, it is time to worry…especially coming off of a loss.

Yes the guys have to have some fun too, it’s not all business , all the time. Funny to string the media along, their the ones who take every morsel to seriously.