Carter and Stafford Released

According to their twitter accounts.

Is the Carter release salary cap related?

Thank you to the city and fans of Montreal it was good while it lasted

Duron Carter ?@DC_CHILLIN_8 30m30 minutes ago

Had fun Montreal Much love! Much will be said in the next few days... Sorry I can't help Montreal get back to the glory days

I totally agree with these moves; it's about time. Jacques Chapdelaine sends a strong message. No,Sheldon, it has nothing to do with salary cap, although persons such as Didier and Herb will probably say so. Carter received a substantial signing bonus and his base salary was not much more than $4,500 a game/$81,000 yearly. Kenny most probably also received a signing bonus.

I wonder what players will be added on the roster. 2 Int. receivers? Only 1 and i Int. running back? An Int. offensive lineman? We will know soon.


Yeah Richard, kind of silly of me to think it`s salary cap related with only 3 games to go.

2 things come to mind though from these moves:

  • Chapdelaine most likely to be our 2017 Head Coach.

  • Might be the end of the Jim Popp era with the Als.

You may be right Sheldon, particularly with Jacques being the Head Coach in 2017. I am not as certain with Jim Popp, but if he remains, he will have less authority; Andrew Wetenhall will be more involved.


Stafford's release, I fully support. He was useless.

Carter? That's insane and stupid. Great, cut your most talented receiver. Yes, that surely makes your team better. You'll show everyone by fielding a team full of scrubs who work hard but who don't have the talent to win. :thdn:

I hope they have not handed the HC position to Chaps for next season without a proper HC interview process.

No fan of Chaps and surely not ready to appoint him the HC at this point.

I definitely agree that it's way too premature to anoint Chap the HC. I like some of the changes he's made, but the team has had one good game and two disastrously bad games on his watch. It's not so much that we lost but how we lost that concerns me. And if ownership is already slotting him into the permanent HC role, it kneecaps their ability to conduct a thorough and professional search in the offseason.

Seriously, do these guys even vaguely remember how to run a football franchise? Why can't we do things the right way, FOR ONCE?

Conduct a full, timely search in the offseason, that includes internal candidates BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO THEM. Why is that so hard?

Have we not seen this story a couple of times over the past three years or so ?!

Yes, we have, and that's what makes it so frustrating. And that's also why I really want the Wetenhalls to sell the team to an owner who is committed to doing football ops the right way. This rinky-dunk hole-in-corner business they've been peddling isn't going to cut it now that our dynasty years are a distant memory.

Don’t know what the actual cause of the release was, and we may never actually know, unless Carter himself tells us at some point.

However, Carter has a mouth on him and there were scuffles earlier in the season. A great player? Definitely! A mouthy player? Definitely!

AC once told me, speaking about Cobourne, who was also a great, but mouthy player, “It’s OK when you’re winning, but when you start to lose…” It may be something like that. Recriminations, accusations,…

Carter was just on with Tony Marinaro, no real gossip. He was advised by Chapdelaine at 6:00 A.M. this morning Calg. time, not given any specific reasons other than changes had to be made considering the team`s record.

Marinaro tried to bait Carter for his opinions of Popp the Head Coach and Popp the GM. Carter said Popp was a cool, laid back coach but that it was difficult for the same person to be both coach and GM who is part of front office. He had a high opinion of Popp as a GM.

There were obvious signs that Cato, Carter and Stafford were not on the same page. And since Cato and Carter don't hide their emotions, we saw the conflict in the huddle, on broken pass routes, missed blocks, and immature outbursts on the sidelines.

Did the Alouettes side with Cato by dumping his 2 antagonists? Maybe - but this only makes sense if the Als see Cato as the future QB ... which is still an unknown.

Stafford's departure is no biggie. Duron Carter's mouth might make him a pain in the behind, but he is the most talented unemployed WR in any football league as of this morning.

Releasing your best receiver, how does that make the team better?

Throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping that something sticks...

Maybe JP is calculating that if he moves faster than the Wetenhalls in "blowing up" the team prior to a rebuild, he gets to save himself from the chopping block. I know - it's a wild-a$$ed guess .... LOL!

Carter is not a stupid guy, I remember Popp saying one time that he had a very high IQ. So hopefully at some point he has to realize football is a team sport and adapt to that concept. Another team will certainly give him a shot, that`s always the case with talented athletes.

He also said he was given a flight back leaving at 10:30 am and he felt that they must have known earlier that he was being released.

Stafford apparently was surprised and taken aback.

If I didn't know any better I'd be thinking that you were talking about the Argos here :wink: It's almost like Popp is playing a game of "Anything you can do I can do better" with the Jumbo boy Barker. Talk bout Deja vu , what a bizarre season this has become :o :cowboy:

I believe that Carter came back to the Als and signed a 1 year contract. Presumably, he anticipated having a spectacular CFL season, followed by another NFL contract.

Talented as he is, he ended up with a meh season, a highly publicized knock down of an opposing coach, a suspension, and now a release. I think his NFL dreams will be delayed for a few years, and he'll be haunting Alouette DBs for a while.