Carrie Underwood to headline Friday night of Built In The Hammer Grey Cup Music Festival

HAMILTON — One of the biggest names in music, Carrie Underwood, will headline Friday night of the Built in the Hammer Grey Cup Music Festival, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the 2023 Grey Cup Festival announced on Tuesday.

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just for those curious, as I’ve been receiving texts from friends looking for tix, this is not the half time show, this is a separate Friday night performance.

the half time show still has not been announced.

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Nice signing by the Ticats. They CAN do some things right this season.
While (barring a miracle from the football gods) the team will likely not be playing, its gonna be a great party all week. (And Argos fans are welcome to come and get the feel of a CFL city).


Well interesting performer. Don’t know how that aligns with the leagues desire to promote Canadian talent cuz I don’t think she has any connection except for a hubby that once was Canadian.

The half-time game entertainment might address that. Underwood is a GC Festival Committee arrangement

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I don’t think the league has any desire or commitment to promote Canadian talent.
They want the CFL and the Grey Cup to be seen as a major event so why not get one of the top performers around.
This will get exposure in the US and from Canadians who would not normally watch the CFL, even if it’s only for half time.
People complain all the time about lack of marketing but this is good marketing and a good investment.

I agree with your post other than the part about the CFL having no desire or commitment to promote Canadian talent. I believe most of the half time acts historically have been Canadian and might be again this year.

As you say, bringing in international talent isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Jonas Brothers are American and were successful in BC relatively recently. Bringing international attention to the game can’t hurt, but the many musical acts sure to be playing throughout the week will no doubt be predominantly Canadian.

There is no need to be paranoid or critical in my opinion about having some international acts, even if it is for the halftime show.

I did a quick search of the acts for Super Bowl half time shows and they have had many international acts including The Weeknd (2021-Canadian) Shakira (Colombian) and British acts including Coldplay, The Who, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins and Queen and U2 (Irish) as well as several other international acts.

Interestingly Gloria Estefan has appeared at least 3 times, more than any other performer. I recall seeing her perform at a Bomber game circa late 90’s early 2000’s.

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