Carr a Rider

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired import receiver Greg Carr and a 2013 fifth-round pick in the Canadian College Draft from the Edmonton Eskimos.

In exchange, the Roughriders sent non-import offensive lineman Matt O'Donnell and a 2013 fourth-round pick in the Canadian College Draft.

Carr signed with the Eskimos as a free agent during the 2012 off season. The 26-year-old receiver appeared in six games with the Eskimos, registering 19 receptions for 214 yards and one touchdown.

The Florida State product spent the previous two seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers where he hauled in 77 passes for 1,216 yards and eight touchdowns in 18 games.

O'Donnell, from Comox, B.C., was selected by the Roughriders in the second round (15th overall) of the 2011 Canadian College Draft.

He played his college football with Queen's University in the CIS, winning the Orrin Carson Memorial Trophy for best offensive lineman twice in 2009 and 2010; and was named a first team All-Canadian in 2009 and 2010. He also attended an NBA workout session with the Boston Celtics in June of 2011 and was on the Cincinnati Bengals practice roster last season.

According to TSN CFL Insider Naylor, the Eskimos have been in contact with O'Donnell's representatives and believe he is interested in signing with them.

Big athletic target. Could be the spark that the corps need, or maybe even that 3rd threat.

TJH can be shown the door now.

I am not saying it is true, but have heard rumors he is not a great guy in the locker room

is this ET dumping baggage? We know he wanted a big NI O-lineman

Matt O'Donnell was however just cut 4 days ago, and could land elsewhere. He has shown he does not want to play in the CFL in the past with stall tactics.


who does this mean we say goodbye to?
I would say likely Baker and Harper. Also, probably Harris.

This is huge. I am not the biggest Carr fan, but I guess I will need to learn to like him...6-6, 220, fast as heck for his size.

If nothing else one must tip their hat to BT...he dumped a guy who didn't want to be here for a proven receiver

Not sure I like this. Okay, I don't like it.

O'Donnell was a 1st or 2nd round pick. You never trade a Canadian pick, especially first rounder, for an import receiever.

I'm jumping on Taman. In the off season his scouting department did not find receivers. Taj Smith is getting into a groove but not bonafide just yet? Brooks Foster shows great promise but we can;t get excited on one game. Theyt kept Effram Hill around and I think anyone with a football mind knew he would not be a permanent fix.

Dallas Baker............we had to trade to get him out of Montreal last year.

O'Donnell. Did he say I am never going to Saskie? Maybe. Ever since we selected this kid he always seemed to have something up his sleeve to avoid signing here? He might re-surface in NFL? But if he signs with the Esks and all we got is an American receiver well this just stinks!

Not pleased. I would rather we waited and allow Taj and Foster to continue on! Plus Dallas baker is coming off 9 game and he's another large taregt? If O'Donnell does not sign then let him sit. I believe we'd have his rights until Dec. 31st. Between now and then trade him for something. I just don;t see a the big upside with Carr?

Starting to look a lot like the 2011 Blue Bomber squad. :lol:

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Only time will tell if this was a solid trade !

I agree, I am on the fence. That being said, I think it is clear that O'Donnell would rather not play in the CFL. He still has a chance at being on the PR of some other team, so even if he is willing to go the CFL route he may not be available. He is a big question mark, while Carr is here and now. The Riders have pretty good depth for NI OLmen. Would O'Donnell be an upgrade...probably, IF he ever comes to terms.

Dallas Baker has potential, but his antics in the last game of 2011 with Ryan Dinwiddie were enough for a lot of coaches to cut him.

The Riders are now sitting with a pile of skill in the receiving is a matter of who fits best.

As much as i have been disapointed with not seeing O'Donnell on the roster, and as much respect as i have for Carr I am still at a 'wait and see'. Like many of you state its still a NI OL ( who is huge! ) for an I WR ( who is also rather tall ).

I think that maybe O'Donnell just didn't want to be a Rider. Okay fine, in that case I'm thrilled for this and good riddance! I think Carr could be that extra 3rd go to guy to help alleviate the attention off Dressler, and maybe help spark Getzlaf a bit.

Time will tell if I like or dislike. For the time being I like. But if O'Donnell signs quickly with the Esks, i'm going to have my grunts and groans about him / the deal.

The Riders suddenly look alot better at reciever than 2 or 3 weeks ago. Personally I would have rather went with 11 guys on the field then have Effrim Hill play.

I think Brooks Foster is the next big thing in this league. He runs good routes, and has good hands. Look for him to play a big role in the 2nd half of the season.

Like Taman or hate him, he has always been good at finding players at the running back position and the reciever position. Glad he filled a much needed void.

Injuries happen all the time, need proven depth at reciever, not unknowns. Good move.

I like this move! We have been missing a big speedy receiver in our offense for a very long time, maybe Carr can be that guy!

We have lots of offensive-line depth right now and we are still hurting at receiver, we have yet to have any real consistent starters at WR for the last many years. Last consistent guy was Bagg and he has turned into a band-aid sadly. It would be nice to have someone start in that position for more than a few games at a time and who could actually take some pressure of Dressler and Getz.
Carr has shown some talent and hopefully if it is a locker room problem we can keep it semi under wraps, I believe we have the coach and the QB to do it. I don't believe they will put up with any sh*t, and he has already seemingly worn out his welcome with two other teams, who knows if this will be his last chance in the CFL!

I'm hoping Carr gets a chance vs the Stamps this weekend. A big target will help whoever is signal caller.

Read the Pro football Weekly pre-Draft breakdown on him.

Shy when it come to physical Contact and not a great blocker down Field. Speed and fact when he is on the field in the Red Zone he is a nightmare of a match up and normally wins.This is were he is most productive ........time will tell if they are right

AnyOne have any inside info. Is this the week that Carr may hit the lineup. It would be nice to have a ig receiver to bail out a QB under pressure by having the option to throw it up and deep and allow him to go get it over a smaller DB.
Taj Smith is playing solid but if Carr, who had no one to throw him the ball in EDM, can improve the receiving corp with a Big receiver.

Don't sound like it.

Head coach Corey Chamblin said that if Patrick can’t play, the Roughriders could go a couple of different directions with his roster spot.

One possibility is import defensive back Macho Harris, who was working with the first-team defence Thursday before limping off the field at one point to get treatment on a left knee injury. Harris later returned to the workout showing no ill effects.

Chamblin said another possibility involves adding another receiver. That may be necessary due to an undisclosed injury suffered by slotback Brooks Foster.

Chamblin noted it wasn’t likely that newly acquired wideout Greg Carr would take Foster’s spot on the roster.

Defensive end Brent Hawkins also didn’t practise Thursday with what Chamblin called “a strain.?

Hawkins was to see a doctor after practice, but Chamblin expected Hawkins to be ready for Sunday’s game.

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Chamblain just really does not want to mess with those pt team coverage Units at all. Hurl, butler etc. He wants the sepcial teams to be there main priority, pretty smart move i think. Although the Riders did beginto use Hurl with Diamond Ferri on a second and long package of players that was new last week.
I guess they do not want to rush carr until they have defined his role and may even be putting in a package of new plays for the final 6 games in which they will take advantage of his size.

One thing I am not very confortable with is Hargraves as the back NI receiver but it is just a back up spot and he has experience and they have gone with those TE sets.
I was just wondering if they are going to give Banaba a shot to dress as a back up NI receiver

I don't see Bamba dressing this year unless there is an injury or they are knocked out of playoff contention and are doing auditions for next year (something they failed miserably to do last season). They are likely holding off on Carr to decide who they are cutting or moving. Carr was a potentially huge pickup, but they had also brought in some great guys for free/cheaper already, and now are left with some really...Smith, Foster, Harris, Baker, of them likely needs to go. Smith, Harris and Foster cost nothing in trades. Harris has the experience...Foster seems to be a good fit...smith seems to have that big play in him, but so does Carr and Baker.

big game coming up against Calgary but more important it will end the 2/3 part of the season. Chamblain will be evealuating whose who and whats what and will have to decide who will be playing as he will need to set the lineup for the last 6 games. I cant Imagine trading for Carr and not using him. He filled a need that they had as a big receiver in which Durant or Willy can count count onto go up and win some jump balls. Mchenry is doing OK at receiver but I have my doubts about Hrgraves so they are really weak when it comes to NI receivers. Bagg was a huge loss at the WR position and the #3 guy was solidified in the passing game they have not seemed to recover snce Bagg got injures. Sisco also hurt he was solid as at least the #5 receiver. Carr gives them a legit #3 receiver behind Getz and Dressler. having to play McHenry or Hargraves really hurts as they are not considered any kind of threat at receiver by opposing defenses. With Carr in the lineup in the will definetely draw attention away from dressler and Getz. Whetehr they use Smith or Foster at the other rec spot I still think Carr brings more to the table for opposing defenses to worry about.
He will be starting game 13 i would bet on it.

With Foster out who are the receivers dressed for todays game vs Calgary