Carolina Panthers to be sold amidst sexual misconduct allegations

Man, it seems everyone famous or incredibly wealthy is a perv.

Good to get these type of creeps out of there. Glad they're getting exposed in all facets these days.

Back to the sale. Curious to see who comes up to buy the team and more importantly what their plans are with the stadium which is 21 years of age and is one of the older ones in the league.

Panthers only have a commitment to stay in Charlotte through the 2018 season.

At 81, with a pacemaker, this guy's still making moves. LOL.

Oh well, he will get a huge payday.

Hopefully, this will not result in any Panthers to Toronto talk.

I wonder how much Jerry Jones has paid out so far and how deep his slush fund is going forward.

Yeah. He's seems like the type. Goodell would probably LOVE to see JJ get burned. So would I.

oh he will.
in fact all men should be carrying around consent forms

That is what it will come down to. Until robotic sex dolls become all the rage and people, like in Japan, give up on human-human sex.

At 81, with a pacemaker, this guy's still making moves. LOL
Hope I have it in me if I even live to 81 to tell you the truth. Ok, don't want the allegations but just want to have it still in me, that's all. 8)

LOL. I'm not sure I have it in me at 50. :wink:

Ever notice how no homeless or really poor dudes are getting accused of sexual misconduct?


...Puff Daddy wants to buy the team, immediately sign Kaepernick

...because, you know, Cam Newton isn't a good quarterback and this isn't about politics?

“I will have the best halftime show, the best selection of music," he said. “And we will win Super Bowl after Super Bowl."
...apparently diddy has been taking twitter lessons from Trump...

God only knows what we can expect to see on the sidelines at anthem time if this happens.

Why would that be newsworthy? Sexual assault and rape happen every day and are dealt with by law enforcement.

Great to see an old racist pervert out of the league. No place for that.

It was a joke. About sexual misconduct (not rape or sexual assault) and how it's only portrayed or seems newsworthy if it's a wealthy or famous person.

Obviously these acts happen elsewhere.

Interesting that when I say 'sexual misconduct' and you lump rape and sexual assault into the same pile. Definitely different. Very different.

Sexual misconduct is when you pat the bum or stroke the leg of a coworker without his or her consent.

Rape is when they get raped.
Sexual assault is sexually assaulting them. Two of these things are NOT like the other (thank you Sesame Street).

But many think they are all the same and much of this crap will be clogging up the courts for years while many real cases sit and wait.

Like seriously - do we really care if famous TV show host X touched admin assistant Ys butt 5 yrs ago and today it became a problem? I sure don't care to know about it.

Sexual misconduct is when you pat the bum or [b]stroke the leg of a coworker[/b] without his or her consent.
I had a doctor stroke my leg while I was in my office when I worked for Cancer Care Ontario and helping him search Medline for some information. I felt very uncomfortable but he got the message, immediately when he knew I wasn't interested in his advances, he got up and said he was late for a meeting. I had no interest in reporting him, no witnesses, and if I did report him, wasn't in the union, I would have been gonzoed fairly quickly. He was a nice man and a very considerate oncologist who ended up treating my best friend who died of cancer. I wouldn't have hesitated after this situation to recommend him to anyone for their cancer treatment. He was very intelligent and was on top of the literature in his field. The fact that he was gay, and we all knew that as staff, and made an inappropriate advance, well I think I would have been doing him injustice to have made a big deal out of this for whatever reason on my part.

Interesting. You probably handled it the best way possible and the man may well be very lonely and went on a fishing excursion. Still awkward as ever tho.

It also begs the question: If Guy A does this to Guy B, and Guy B hauls off and slugs Guy A - does the law consider this a physical assault perpetrated by Guy B?

It also begs the question: If Guy A does this to Guy B, and Guy B hauls off and slugs Guy A - does the law consider this a physical assault perpetrated by Guy B?
Interesting. And yes Iconic, it was very uncomfortable for me at the time.

I just don't think people should be reporting sexual assault for some inappropriate touching if you give the signal "no thanks" and the person immediately stops. Why report that and make a big scene? Not only do you potentially have a lot to lose but you may be seriously damaging the career of a very good person, a good person at heart who helps others, in this case a cancer specialist, but who is a human afterall like the rest of society.

I agree.

In my opinion, sexual assault tramples and stomps all over the line between misconduct and assault and is something that is highly sexual, involves genital and/or breast area contact, with clear intent, and is clearly uninvited nor is it discussed prior. No grey areas.