"Unfortunately, offensive lineman Zac Carlson's(Weber State)application for non-import status was not approved in time to make the final draft eligibility list, which went out to every CFL team last week. As a result, he will not be eligible to be selected in the CFL's Canadian Draft on May 2. This development will affect the draft strategy of several teams, as Carlson was projected as a guaranteed top six pick, perhaps even going as high as first overall.....In theory, the biggest winners in all of this could be the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who not only possess the first and third overall selections on Draft Day, but would also pick first in the supplemental draft."

This could really change who we decide to draft third overall

Great news

I'm confused. Is Forde saying there is now a chance the Ticats can take Carlson at 1 in the supplemental draft, which would then cause us to forfeit our 1 pick in round one of the real draft?

Does the supplemental draft precede the real draft? If so, when does the SD take place?

I picked this off

  1. What is the Supplemental Draft?
    The Supplemental Draft is for players who were eligible for the CFL Canadian Draft but their nonimport
    status was unknown until after the draft. These players are made available to CFL teams through a bidding process. Clubs bid one of their Canadian Draft choices the following season; whichever team makes the top offer gets the player and forfeits their draft pick.

I think next year's first round gets forfeited.

All I can say is we're going to be stacked with talent this year. I really believe this year we'll have what it takes to get to a play-off game, mabe even a home playoff game.

So are they saying he has been given NI status but they won't add him on the list 4 weeks prior to the draft??? They must be really, really busy over at CFLHQ. I'm glad for the Ticats but its too bad the guy can enjoy the draft. It will be interesting to see if Obilovich trades one of the first round picks.

He hasn't been given his NI status. And he still needs to obtain it before the supplemental draft.

Why would Obie trade one of the first round picks? Are you just throwing that out there or is there any reason for him to deal it that you havent mentioned?

If I was Obie, I would trade next year’s #1 pick for the right to get Carlson in the supplemental draft. Carlson can play Gauthier’s position, but he is also a guy who can step in and play guard well if we get thin there during the season due to injury. He is comparable to Andrew Woodruff, who the Als just signed to a big rook contract.

Rottier looked a little shaky at the e-camp. If we took Carlson in the supplemental draft, we could draft for positions of need other than the O-Line with the 1 and 3 picks in the first round. Or trade them for impact players.

This Carlson wrinkle can provide us with a real talent infusion this year if Obie plays his cards right.

Well here is the thing. Forde states that:

First of all, teams are generally hesitant to expend high draft choices in a supplemental draft because of uncertainty as to how valuable that pick will be a year later. As a result, a player who was a lock to go in the first round of the 2009 Draft could easily become a lower pick in the supplemental draft.
So Im wondering if no other team is interested in offering a 2010 first rounder for Carlson would the Cats be able to offer a second round pick for him? Is that how it works?

Carlson has to prove he was he at least attended grade 1. I could see how that might be difficult. So right now he isn't eligilble, he might want to consider staying in school for another year and finish his NCAA eligibility if he hasn't given that up already...

Trading next year's pick for a sup is tricky... Last four years that has been a first pick overall and they say next year's draft is very good.

Regards to trade. If OB gives up his pick next year I could see him swapping one of his top 3 picks for a first rounder next year or even a player.

So Im wondering if no other team is interested in offering a 2010 first rounder for Carlson would the Cats be able to offer a second round pick for him? Is that how it works?
What Forde is saying kind of relates to : [i]Trading next year's pick for a sup is tricky... Last four years that has been a first pick overall and they say next year's draft is very good.[/i] So if the Ticats felt that their first round pick next year would yield a better player, the Ticats and possibly others could pass on him down the list of 8 teams...and possibly not being drafted at all. In Carlson's case that is unlikely in my opinion.

But this is what Im asking. If all teams pass on giving up a 2010 1st rd. pick for Carlson what happens after that? Is it a 1st rd pick or nothing for him? Once all teams pass on giving up a 1st rd can the Cat's or any other team give up a 2nd rd pick for him? If neither does he become an FA?

Forde doesn't go that extra step in what happens although he mentioned that he will further explain next week.

In his article, Duane Forde listed some of the top offensive linemen eligible for the 2010 CFL Draft:

"2010 offensive line prospects like John Bender (Nevada), Joe Eppele (Washington State), Danny Watkins (Baylor), J'Michael Deane (Michigan State), and Nasser Jamal (Louisiana-Lafayette)."

These players will be eligible for the 2011 NFL Draft and, although a lot can happen between now and then, it looks as though at least two of them (Bender and Watkins) have a very good chance of being drafted by an NFL team:

John Bender

[url=] ... &genpos=OG[/url]

Danny Watkins

[url=] ... &genpos=OT[/url]

As Forde noted, it might be a good move to pick up Zac Carlson in the supplemental draft this year because he will have two years of CFL experience before any of these offensive lineman can come to training camp in 2011.

I also hope we're not banking on having the first overall. That would sure be a bummer.

There is a good chance we could end up with Carlson for a 2nd round pick, but at the same time if another team is willing to give up their 1st overall next season I say we give up ours and take him anyway...

The draft may be strong next year but if we grab Carlson and another O-Lineman this year we will have two solid young O-Lineman to develop and build around. Also, who knows how our season will turn out this year, if we have a strong team that makes it into the playoffs we might just end up picking later in the 2010 draft order.

Then we would have basically stole Zak Carlson(A high 1st rounder in 09) for a late 1st or 2nd round pick in 2010...

I had a conversation with Mike McCarthy about this at training camp a few years ago. From what I remember it goes something like this. This is usually done through a conference call. The league will start by bringing forth a players name and in auction style teams bid with picks. For example say a players name comes up and the first team in with a bid says i'll give up a 4th pick, that becomes the minimum bid. Any team with higher draft position (determined based on previous years standings) offers a 4th they get the bid...and so on. With the Cats having the #1 position they can ensure that if they want any player they will get him. If for example on Carlson the best any team offers is a 2nd round pick, we could get him for a second.

When talking to McCarthy about this he said often very few players are taken due to the fact most of the time these players just become free agents. Rarely is a top player not qualified as NI before the draft. This situation doesn't happen often...but here we are this year apparently. It was a few years ago so hopefully I remembered this supplemental draft correctly.

This is a no-brainer. You proceed with your draft strategy as if he won't be available, but If he qualifies as a NI before the date of the supplemental draft you take him and forfeit next year's # 1 choice, because you don't know where you will finish this year. How many chances do you get to draft two potential #1 picks overall in the same year?

The last time a team picked a player in the supplemental draft was Edmonton in 2006, they picked Jeremaine Lee a DE, they forfeited the 42nd pick sixth round in the 2007 draft. He was released by Edmonton in 2007. Or it could be Jerome Messam taken last year in the supp as well by Edmonton or BC.

If we don't take Carlson in the supplemental draft, I guarantee you Toronto or Winnipeg will.

But at what cost? A first round or a sixth round pick is very different. Also Carlson may choose to play his senior season in the NCAA. He may not be able to clear in time for this year's draft.