Carlos Thomas: Impressive under the radar pickup

All I can find, the first is better than the second

Another Womack find from his SSK days ?

What did I miss? What is impressive about this pickup?

Watch the first video, he has CFL speed, has played against big schools, is young and seems to be somewhat of a ball hawk.I agree though, 2 vids is nothing to prove that he's impressive.

Who knows if he will be impressive but if Womack thinks there's something there that's good enough for me. The man has an eye for talent.

I hope I'm wrong but this looks like another acquisition of other team's DB cast off. We've been down this road several times before, and it hasn't proven to work out well. Last time I checked Edmonton's defensive secondary was not exactly rated at the top of the league, so to expect someone on their PR to come in and be a starter could be hoping for a lot.

For as long as I care to remember one of the weaker areas on our team has been our DBs, and another off-season goes by without acquiring a proven DB via free agency or trade. Oh well, at least this year we didn't trade our best DB away.


No we let him walk out the door for Running back who I feel best days our behind him

So the team should never , ever again look to another team's PR for talent ?

Well our linebacking corp has been the best in the league the past couple seasons - consisting of cast offs. The blue team just signed their Montreal cast off running back to a three year deal. The bummers place kicker is our cast off punter. The league is full of examples of a player excelling with a new team after not being able to find success with the previous.

Agreed. Obie has done a very good job of doing just that, and as zontar has alluded to, their seems to be something about Womack's ability to find talent too.

The Womack acquisition could be the best thing to happen to this team since the arrival of Obie.

And because of that, it'll be very interesting to see what Thomas can do this season.

Markeith Knolwton was pretty much a nobody when Obie traded for him. :thup:

Although I wouldn't really call JJ a cast off, he was pursued by quite a few teams after being released from the NFL.

I hope you don’t mean Tisdale because we didn’t “let him walk” anywhere. We tried to sign him and I think he just waited it out until Anderson signed elsewhere and got the most money he could from a desperate CGY team. Definitely NOT the team’s fault.


Who needs facts when you have delusion? :slight_smile:

The money we spent on Colburn
part of it could have resigned Tisdale
I don't see a Running back the Al's did not want to sign badly as a upgrade..

Sorry, as much as I like Cobb there is nobody on any planet who can say Coburne isn't an upgrade. I think Tisdale was a great player, but there is only so much you want to pay an import DB. I was originally on the "pay Tisdale whatever it takes" team, but that's ridiculous. Not everyone can get paid exactly what they are asking for and Tisdale wanted more than we could afford. Life goes on. I'm confident we will find other DBs who can do the job as well as Tisdale. We found him.

Every year we keep rebuilding our defensive backfield and we're paying the price. We seem to be supplying the rest of the league with good DB's.

Yes, but tell me every other aspect of the team isn't becoming rock solid.One step at a time.
We now have the best LB corps, a top 3 RB, the #1 import WR in the league,the #1 N/I WR in the league now that Fantuz is gone, a capable QB in KG, a solid OL lead by CFL Most outstanding OL nominee Marwan Hage, probably the 2nd best KR in the CFL, we now have a solid kicker/punter, solid DE's, a young up and coming safety, one of the best ST units in the CFL (covering and blocking kicks).
Patience, Obie will fix the secondary

I like Tisdale, but the knock on him is that he’ll sacrifice a sure tackle for the gamble of a big hit. That’s not exactly the right mentality in the playoffs which is what this year’s team is all about.

Most of us thought that last year and here we are again.

What I still don't know is whether Marshall's "Bend-Don't-Break" schemes were his preference or due to player talent his only choice.

Didn't we also find a pretty good kick returner last year who was a Roughrider castoff? :cowboy: