Carl Volny

Thought I'd spice this board up a little and get us alljacked about Carl Volny!

Hopefully he stays healthy this year!

.....Volny was hurt in his first season with the bluengold and previous to that was really making some big plays...Last year I think he was trying to get back to form AND given time will be a big asset to the club once he's totally healthy....Running back is certainly NOT a problem on this team at the moment :wink:

Volny definitely will give the BBs depth in the Backfield. Simpson has certainly turned to an all star in year one after his time with the Colts mostly returning kick offs. Will Ford a virtual unknown played in the MEAC traditionally Black college conference who was a four year starter whose Time crossed with Chad Simpson at Morgan St. I would venture a guess that Simpson may have made a suggestion when the BBs were looking for a back up. A great situation with Simpson Ford and Volny a Non import if he stays healthy can carry all three on the 46 man roster. Garrett I think would really have to show something to make the Roster.

I'm not liking Garrett's chances... He didn't look to hot to me running the ladder, looks kinda chunky. We'll have to see

He could very well be the odd man out. He did do an awesome job and played great when called upon during injury but if he is not in shape he will have until training camp to get there.
Trouble is that Simpson has proven an elite All Star player and Will Ford was brought in and used affectively with under the Burke regime.
Volny will not be affected as he will be part of the NI roster. Burke began working Volny in last season as he got healthy. Anthony Woodson would be Volny's main competition but has really been injured so much since the 2011 IFL America football world championship Sr team in 2011.

Garrett's biggest problem is that he's trying to come back from a ruptured Achilles tendon. Something like one in three players who suffer that injury never play football again. And the ones who do manage to continue playing find their effectiveness significantly reduced. I feel real sorry for the guy.

Really was a bad break as he did take full advantage of his chance. If he was healthy last season the BBs may not have shown interest in Chad Simpson but now that they have him I do not see Garret displacing him as a starter

Garretts in tough because of the nature of his injury, it's very difficult to come back at full speed and not everyone is an Adrian Peterson. The statements about the changes to the offense, incorporating some packages using two backs to help protect Pierce and getting the ball into the backs out of the backfield, would suggest they will lean on the backs more and that can open up a spot for another back on the roster. Still it will be difficult to displace Simpson and Ford. IMO for Garrett to stick he's gonna have to prove he still has the ability to do returns. Barring that, he drops down to 4th on the depth chart behind those two and Volny who's skilled, maybe not quite up to Garrett's ability, but also a NI.

Yup I agree carrying more than two import RBs is tough to do so unless he can beat out Ford who played extremely well. Having Volny able to take a spot on the Non Import roster will make it even tougher for him to land a job with the BBs. If he can get back to where he was however he would have a shot at Ford and also a possible call back should their be an injury.

I don't see us carrying two import running backs on the 42.

I see Simpson being our starter backed up by volny, with Woodson and Jameze Massey being receiver RB hybrid players.

I see Massey playing for us in a kieth stokes type of role where he gets touches everywhere on the field occasionally worked in. Obviously being the main return man.

Then you can bet ford will be on the 4 man reserve because Simpson is going to dominate. No matter how much other teams fans poke at me for saying that I will stand behind that, because I think Simpson is going to prove to be in an elite category this year.

Then he may get one last hot in the NFL, and we will need Ford to be there for insurance, because we will need a good back in case Simpson gets hurt or gets another shot.

On the Contrary I agree that Simpson is already among the Elite RBs which I would say there was 4 last year that played most of the season Cornish, Harris, Sheets, and Simpson. Only leaving out Whitaker do to injury and this is how this season appears to be setting up as barring injury.
As for Volney being the top back up and ford being one of the 4 reserve sctratches is something that Winnipeg has been attempting to do for a few years now with Volney but injuries have gotten in the way. If Volny can stay healthy and prove to be a solid back up to Simpson in game having the ability to have a quality back up being a Canadian RB on the NI portion of the roster and allowing a team to use one of the DI spots on another position player would be the goal of every team especially with the shortage of Canadian DE's and CB/HB/SAM LBs.