Carl Kidd

He’s not in BC’s plans anymore. Imagine if we signed him also!! :wink:

I'd rather Kidd than Charbonneau. I think we have way too much D-Line who will show up at training camp in May.

Too old, too slow. If he could beat out Strickland, Butler, Taylor, Ellis or Mackey, we're in deep doo-doo.

We don't need Kidd. Mackey and Taylor are both fine for the MLB spot. I'd rather work on bolstering our receiving corps than sign Kidd.

I agree. We are fine at linebacker. What we need now is a deep threat receiver.

Montreal doesn't need Kidd IMO. Hamilton might be a good fit. It's unfortunate Ottawa isn't up and running again, there would be some good veterans like Carl Kidd available this year to make them competative.

That's for sure. We seem fine at slotback, what with Cahoon, Stala, Stokes, Edwards, and Wilson (who I think would be better at SB than at WR). If Vaughn comes back we're overloaded with inside possession receivers.

At WR, Anderson should be cut loose, Girard should be told to hang 'em up (he's just an injury waiting to happen, although he sure had speed), and Watkins is, well, Watkins; adequate to good but not a deep threat.

If we go the free-agent route, Cavil and Thelwell could be good candidates for WR, but might not be as fast as what we seek. Maybe Popp can find some college hotshot from the States with speed to burn; that's what we need.