Carl Kidd to Retire?

Team 1040 is reporting that the Lions are trying to push Carl Kidd into retiring hinting he won't be asked back for next season.

It was also in this mornings Province, and CKNW noon sports.

Would be sad to see him go. Great player who backed up all his talk on the field. Hope he ends up somewhere if not with the Lions

Jim Mullen (I think thats his name) said on the noon sports that Kidd wanted to end his career in BC. He was speculating that Wally may end up offering Kidd a reduced role (again) with a very reduced contract.

In todays Province it said he was offered a much reduced contract . Kidd said he'll have to think it over and may test the market , but he really wanted to retire a Lion . Will be very sad if he doesn't do that. He was a great player .
Thanks Carl for your years of service and loyalty to this team should you go elsewhere or retire.

It has been rumoured for the last couple of months that Buono was not interested in having Carl back next year. I can't understand why the Lions would not be interested in bringing back an All-Canadian at special teams? Me thinks that Buono doesn't like Carl and I think it's lousy. Kidd has been all heart and soul as a BC Lion.

As well as what Kidd offers on the field, I think his ability to get the guys "fired up" would be greatly missed. I agree with the backing his talk up on the field...he put his heart into every game.

Carl was quoted as saying "My goal was to retire a BC Lion, but it doesn't look like it will happen that way". Damn it. We'll be sorry to see him go.

I hate to see the end of #26, he played probably one of his best seasons this year. Who is going to run out with the BC Lions flag and try to plant it at centre field. I hope he returns for one more year and can then bow out gracefully. Besides someone has to do the Trash Talk and who is better than Carl??? :twisted:

Carl Kidd is one of the best linebackers in my book. I think if he doesnt retire Wally shouldnt get rid of him. Simple as that.

"Was" a really great player? In my book he IS a really great player!


I don't want to see Carl Kidd go anywhere. He has shown loyalty and selflessness (unlike Simpson) and deserves our support.

Kidd couldn't carry Barrin Simpson's jock. He is more mouth than play and can't cover the pass anymore. Bye, Bye!

Simpson couldn't cover the pass even as well as Kidd so what are you talking about you troll , that's why Simpson came out on passing downs when he was in BC . And that's why he left here. Notice how much better BC became AFTER that selfish Simpson left? I bet he's just enjoying his stats so much more than Kidd is his Grey Cup ring . :roll:

And what's Simpson got to do with this thread anyway you TROLL???????? Get out of OUR forum!

I wasn't trying to imply that he was no longer great. He still is . But I think his days in BC are done , unfortunately with some of those young linebackers we got chomping at the bit. I don't think some people realise some of the talent we got waiting in the wings at this point. And in '07 they'll shine and if you think simpson's a forgotten man now wait till next year .

You are correct, there is alot of great young talent on our team, and we have the coaches to mold them into great players.

Simpson...I hate to say it, but I'm glad he's gone.

Well, aren't we just complementary... somehow Simpson seemed to do okay when he stayed in in Winnipeg. Didn't they end up the number 1 defence?
He'll certainly enjoy playing next year more than Kidd.
Now, if you would read this thread that you are so adamant about, you'd see that Hwil decided to bring Barrin into the conversation not me...
Finally, isn't it strange that you the Grey Cup champs have to measure yourselves against players who have nothing left to do with you. So, you can't read or comprehend what is happening in your own thread, you deny the truth about a player who is no longer worth a contract and you call names for no plausible reason.
Merry Christmas and God Bless! Take care.

You're complaining about me being "complementary" ? Maybe you should re-read your own original post , what do you call that ? "Kidd couldn't carry ...jock" . You came on here trash talking a player whom this thread is trying to honour , that's what makes you a TROLL. All Hwgill said about Simpson was a reference comparing loyalty and being a team player , saying how good a team player Kidd is eg. doing what's best for the team as opposed to himself. He never compared the two as players on the field.
The thread is about Kidd , not Simpson and this is a BC forum not a Bomber forum . You started a " Barrin is so much better than Kidd" debate when no one else was. The fact is we don't care about Simpson (who won defensive player of the year , BTW?) and we're not talking about him here and no your Bombers were not the #1 defence this year not even close , that distinction would go to BC . Bombers were a sorry ass team and nothing more , if they were in the West Division they would have been vying with the Esks for the basement . Now why don't you just go back to your own forum.

We take in Hamilton
We need some Depth at Linebacker.

Gotta love Kidd but I'm pretty sure Buono knows what he is doing if there was no contract offer for Kidd.

Lions do have alot of talented young players. I hope there is a way Kidd can stay with Lions.

Sorry you can't take what you give out... and I still think my last sentence is more meaningful than all you've said. Jesus is Lord!

pennw is right, trolling.....keep it in your forum or on the main forum, but if you are only going to stir the pot, keep your nose outta here.