Carl Kidd to lead the Lions on the field tomorrow!

The west-side upper-deck logo tarps are down at the dome and the club reported ticket sales of 46,500 Wednesday. Might the Lions be greeted by a familiar face Sunday? Casey Printers was not welcomed at last year's playoff game but word is retired linebacker Carl Kidd has been asked by Buono to lead his ex-mates onto the field. Kidd hoisted a large Lions flag that energized the house prior to last year's game.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!! Carl Kidd is my all-time favourite Lion, and when he brought out the Lions flag last year I had tears in my eyes.

Karl Kidd was a great player lots of heart.

I'll honestly be surprised if the Riders don't run off the field before the game even starts if Kidd comes out waiving a flag.

lol Man you kill me

If you ever get kicked out you should reincarnate yourself as Seth Macfarlane or Peter Griffin.

Carl Kidd is a sissy

Seriously, it will be like the Lions are going to war. The dome will erupt louder than all the noise at Taylor Field from every game put together.

I'll probably cry.

Who remembers Kidd bringing out the flag last year and planting it into the turf with authority?

Not sure I've ever heard a stadium that loud in my life. Kidd is truly one of a kind.

Swervin, I did cry last year when Kidd did that. I had tears streaming down my face.

Is he that desparate for money?

Whats the lions mascot make per game?

Wont his bald head sweat a lot in that Lions outfit?

On a positive note.

Should keep Gainer away.

5 posts till a Rider trash talks hypocrites.

Hey I'm not the one who is against the trash talk. Get your facts straight.

It'd be cool to see Gainer walk onto the middle of the field and drop a couple of gopher droppings at the same time. Then Gainer and Kidd could have a WWE type stardown at midfield. That'd be funny (until Kidd body-slammed him and ripped his head off that is.) :slight_smile:

I hate that gopher...that wouldn't be a bad idea, BigU...

I liked Kidd, though...this is a cool move by BC...

hey guys, new onto the boards. been a lions fan for about 4 years now, watching kidd play really got me hooked.

maybe sign him to a 2 week contract and let him play on special teams tackling? lol jk.

btw why doesnt anyone stand up to this turkey dude? he seems to not realize that we owned them the last 3 years in the WF including this year.

Turkey's full of one takes him seriously, unless they're new to the boards...:wink:

Neither am I. I havent read all your posts 1000 apoligies. Where is this fact place you speak of.

I do it all the time.

Apparently, turkey's don't have ears.

Take him with a grain of salt and have fun with it. That's what I've started to do. He'll eat some humble pie soon.