Carl Kidd can kiss my butt!

I just rememebered how last night near the end of the BC-Winnipeg game with the game basically in hand BC hit a short punt that made Albert Johnson come up several yards to make the catch. While he was looking up for the ball Carl Kidd comes racing absolutely full speed right at Albert Johnson who could not see him coming, totally ignoring the no-yards rules. Fortunately for Johnson he took a half step adjustment on the ball and Kidd just missed him, instead merely brushing against Johnson's arm.

This is the type of play that could seriously injure a player, in a game that was over, and only one week from the playoffs. I can see no other motive other than the intent to injure on that play. So as I said in my topic title, Carl Kidd can kiss my butt!

I think it more likely he would kick your ass than kiss it. :slight_smile:

Probably. :lol:

I still have memories of him stomping that Bomber fan a few years ago in the Western semi-final.

Ha, I remember that

Umm Sorry if im wrong but arnt you supposed to do that? and Its not like your albert johnson he can fight his own battles.

Its a contact sport your gonna get hit hard so suck it up.

Carl Kidd tried to miss him(and did) for your info , as he outran the punt . He wasn't trying to hit him or he would have . He blew his coverage ,yes , but he wasn't trying to do what your suggesting .
He's actually one of the best special teamers in the whole league and usually one of the first guys there. More often than not he makes the tackle . He's been doing it for a long time and knows enough to not do that.
And ya , he would kick your ass in a heart beat.

Anyone who asks "aren't you supposed to that?" either doesn't understand the scenario I'm talking about or doesn't know anything about football.

Whether he was trying to miss or not I'm not so sure. Wouldn't a good way to miss be to slow down. He was running so hard he ended up 10 yards past Johnson anyway, well out of position to make a tackle.

He was trying to get past out of the way to avoid the no yards penalty (Which he got anyway) which is why he kept right on going when he saw the ball had not yet arrived. He screwed up his coverage on that one , but that was partly because the kick was too short. He's usually one of the best on coverage but not on that one. There's no way a return guy looking up to catch the ball would have been able to avoid a tackler coming at him like that , if the tackler was trying to hit him.

A little biased viewing on your part maybe? :roll:

Maybe. I know I sure don't want our best kick returner injured a week before the playoffs.

You seem a bit biased yourself. :roll:

Whether he meant to hit him or not is debatable. When you say he missed him, we are talking about brushing his left arm missing him. That's pretty darn close.

Your explanation about trying to run right through and then out of the five yard no-yards zone is one other explanation though and I concede that this was a possibility, though not something you often see.

In the end I only saw the play once so I certainly could have been mistaken.

It’s not debatable , Kidd tried to avoid him . That’s why he ran past. If he tried hitting him he would not have gone by like that. I think Kidd should come over and kick your ass for saying all this.

Ok buddy. I'm done debating with you. Someone needs to kick your ass, if only your head wasn't so far up it. I was willing to concede that I may have been wrong and that having only seen the play once I would give you the benefit of the doubt, but you still had to be a prick didn't you?

Oh well I've said my piece. I won't be posting again in this topic. Good luck in the playoffs!

Easy guys. Try and fight nice!

As I still had a copy of the game available, I took a peek at the play in question.
Kidd definately had his motor running on that one, but the punt was relatively short, plus Kidd had a blocker giving him a little push from behind.
I don't think he so much tried to run through the 5 yard zone, which does happen, as when he realized he was too close, it was too late, but when he tried to slow up, he was pushed so all he was able to do was avoid the punt returner. And it does look like had he intended to hit him, they would still be scraping him off the carpet, so I think he did avoid the hit.

Perhaps you should be more concerned with the flagrant facemask McCallum laid on your returner at the end of the play.
Nearly tore his head off!

On a side note, if you ever get to talk to Kidd, he is a hoot.

That play was right in front of us. If Kidd wanted to hit him, he would have. It looked like he blew his coverage because the punt was short and tried to run through the "No Yards" zone.