Caretakers take on "Bills in Toronto"

Or better yet the CFL could co-sponsor the campus promotions with the NFL? A "CFL-NFL on Campus" program in the spirit of cooperation with the NFL, rather than competing with them, like the Caretaker had proposed in his blog.

100% CORRECT!!!
Any one could write a book on the reasons why it will not happen :rockin:

Ditto for me.

There is only a limited amount of revenue streams in Canada for the CFL to tap into, Any encroachment by a foreign entity diminishes the CFL's earnings! also known as corporate espionage

The Bills series has been humiliating for the NFL. I'm shocked people still think a team is moving to Toronto.

And thanks to the CRTC's rules and regulations on advertising, there's even LESS revenue streams for the NFL to tap into.

When American based NFL teams are bringing in MILLIONS of dollars in television advertising dollars and a Toronto based NFL team is bringing in THOUSANDS of dollars in television advertising, do you honestly believe the rest of the league is going to gladly include a Canadian NFL team in their revenue sharing?

The NFL has already conquered the Canadian market. Believing the NFL is going to gain any more than they already have by putting a team in Toronto is like believing you can get "more pregnant".

The NFL has nothing to do with the Bills playing in Toronto. Don't fool yourself - - that's just a straight up money grab by Old Man Wilson. Nothing more, nothing less. Doesn't matter if they only have 35,000 at the game and everyone is sitting on their hands - - it's just about a team from a poverty stricken city generating some additional revenue.

The games in England are completely different. The NFL is the driving force behind that because it wants to expand to Europe. It's not a money grab by any of the individual teams that go to London for a game. The NFL is using it as a means to get established there.

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If Toronto was working with the Bills in Toronto thingy, I doubt you'd see the multimillions in renos going into The Ralph now, they'd know in Buffalo and WNY it's over, team will be moving to Toronto once it's up for sale. But the Toronto mishap has made more people realize Toronto and the RC is not a good fit for the Bills so I think people in New York state and the Bills and Roger Goodell and the NFL have said "hey, we have an excellent stadium here, much better for football than the dome there in Toronto, let's upgrade it and get it more modern, get a new lease and I think we'll be fine with the Bills in Buffalo for a long time and then eventually lead to a new football stadium". They are still getting 20,000 Canadians at The Ralph per game as it is. Why mess with that really, let's do the upgrade and the lease. Which is what has happened, well upgrade to the stadium coming shortly.

Do you understand how the relocation process works in the NFL? You'll never again see a team loading up the transports in the middle of the night like when Baltimore moved to Indy.

The league controls relocations - - individual teams cannot make unilateral decisions on where they're going to move.

Agree, the league as in Roger Goodell will never allow the Bills to move to Toronto with the multimillions in renos to Tbe Ralph. Could not agree more. :thup: And apologies if I came across here sugesting otherwise.

SO you would agree the NFL has encroached in CFL territory and should compensate the CFL?

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Last year the Bills generated $256 million in revenue. That was more revenue than NFL teams in St. Louis, Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta, San Diego, Arizona, Minnesota, Oakland, Kansas City and San Francisco. True they only beat some teams by a couple of millions in revenue, but they still generated more. It goes to show you that you don't need to be in a large, mega rich city like Toronto in order to be successful as an NFL team. Poor, depressed, poverty stricken, tiny (only 226,000 in metro) Green Bay had far more revenue ($282 million) than most of the NFL. The Bills don't need to move to Toronto in order to be successful or to survive as a franchise. They know they will do just fine in Buffalo.

Let's hope they build a new stadium in buffalo so they can remain there permanently. And can end all of this talk of nfl team coming to toronto!

There is no chance of an NFL team ever coming to Toronto, it is a delusion. They will go to LA (twice) and San Antonio and London...hell even Mexico City before they will ever come to Toronto. Godfrey and his ilk have been baying about this for 30+ yeras, and it's no closer now than it was then. If people want to sit at home and watch NFL on TV that' s just fine and dandy...but there isn't a snowball's chance in hell they'll ever be in this country. If you want to watch live football, get off your lazy asses and go see the Argos.

That's with a bad,bad football team for over a decade. Bills fix their on field problems and they will be at least in the league average in terms of revenues.

The Bills experiment may be officially over.
No surprise here as this has been a dog with flies since the get go.
Per the latest report here In the Sun.

the only surprise is that it took this long for those in charge to realize what a colossal mistake the Series was/is.

The most wonderful part of this is not having to hear the shills tell us how the NFL is moving to Toronto anymore :cowboy: