Caretakers take on "Bills in Toronto"

"Caretaker wrote:
This is a great thread. I'm with the hawks on this one. If keeping the NFL out of Canada can be considered "hawkish" and thinking the CFL could co-exist with an NFL team in Toronto is being a dove. :wink:

The problem is all in what is called Brand marketing. If you are a premier brand you don't just have a little more leverage over the market than a lessor brand - you have huge advantages. From Coke and Pepsi's dominance of the market for cola-based sodas to Amazon's dominance of book selling on the Internet.

The issue is an NFL team in Toronto would have the full backing of the $10 Billion/yr NFL league and would market itself as "Canada's team". The effect would be to relegate the CFL into a second tier league status with the national consumer marketing organizations that the CFL and TSN rely on for much of our revenue. This NFL team would aggressively go after every marketing dollar that might be allocated to football in Canada.

An argument could be made (and I'd agree with this one) that Brands are based on the quality of the product - and for entertainment value the CFL product is as good if not better than the NFL one. The problem is money talks and the folks making the decisions for the Canadian consumer product firms would listen to the siren song of a local NFL franchise.

The only way the CFL will be able to keep the NFL out of Canada is by making friends in the NFL. We are the only other "gridiron Football" league on the planet and the NFL is on record as saying they don't want to do anything to harm the CFL. We need (and should have) such a positive relationship with the NFL that they simply don't want to put a team in Canada. But we have not done a good job in recent decades of building such a positive relationship with the NFL.

This lack of relationship with the NFL allows the pro-NFLers in Toronto such as Paul Godfrey to constantly undermine our brand by "threatening" to bring an NFL team to Toronto. As one such advocate for all things American, Paul is proud of the fact that he has been working at doing this for thirty years, but yet is no closer to his goal than he was thirty years ago.

Meantime his friends in the Toronto media keep reporting his day-dreams as if they are about to happen, which harms our league's ability to market ourselves in Toronto, without doing anything of any value for the NFL.

We are working on this opportunity to partner with the NFL. Although if you sense a little impatience and frustration on my part on this topic you wouldn't be wrong."

Enough of the pandering to a foreign corporate entity, In the early 80's the CBC kissed NBC's butt's and GAVE them CFL broadcasts for free!!, of late it's been the BILLs the BILLS the BILLS, do Canadians really give a c___ about the NFL or is it a few corporate traitors who dream about killing the CFL?

Time for legal action, protect the CFL's territorial rights !! _Massdestruction


Link please? Professor Dmont says: “When quoting someone, it’s always good practice to provide a source.”

Nice to see a blunt and realistic assessment from someone in the know.

I would add, in my opinion, that we should all be pulling for whoever buys the Bills to keep them in Buffalo with a brand new stadium. The Bills staying in Buffalo = no NFL team for Toronto ever. Maybe the Bills would play the odd game there, but that’s a travelling circus and doesn’t breed any long-term loyalty or devotion.


I think the Caretaker could be on to something, as long as being friendly with NFL doesn’t help them gain inroads into the Canadian sports market.

Right now the NFL is still a fringe sport in Canada but their popularity has been steadily growing over the past several years. According to the recent Angus Reid poll, 21% of Canadians follow the NFL closely or fairly closely. The CFL is more popular at 26%. While the CFL has grown steadily over the past 10 years, the NFL in Canada has grown at an even faster pace.

In Ontario, 25% follow the NFL while 22% follow the CFL. We need to turn those numbers around. It’s one thing to be friendly with the NFL to keep their teams out, as long as we don’t let them steal the silverware when they come over for Sunday dinner.

The NFL connects with younger Canadians which the NFL has encouraged with their “NFL on Campus” program at 8 Canadian universities this Fall. The NFL gives the university $4,000 to basically takeover their popular homecoming football game, slathering NFL logos all over campus, with a punt-pass-kick circus and NFL players spreading the gospel. Apparently these were very popular with the students. Basically indoctrinating young Canadians into being NFL fans.

Yes, we should be friendly and accept the NFL’s friendship and gifts…but like the Trojan horse, we need to remain vigilant about the NFL’s ulterior motives.


NFL is not fringe in Canada, TSN and Sportsnet cover it, lounges all over the country are filled Sundays with people watching the NFL.We can watch every game on TV in Canada. NFL, fantasy football is huge in Canada and the wagering on games is enormous. Fringe sports , do not look like that and dominate Sundays as the NFL does .

Just like when Minister Marc Lalonde threatened to bring in legislation to keep out the USFL in the 70's, I am all for the same if necessary to keep out the NFL.
After all, this is protectionism like the CRTC has with Canadian content etc.

I believe you mean the WFL (World Football League) who attempted to place a franchise (Toronto Northmen) in Toronto but were thwarted by the proposed Canadian Football Act of 1974.

The league only lasted for a season and a half anyway.
Not much of a threat.

Yes the WFL it was, however the threat worked then and should be used again if necessary.


and the behemoth that is the NFL is a much much more serious threat to the CFL as opposed to fledgling leagues such as the old WFL, WLAF, and Continental Football League.

The elephant in the room must be eradicated once and for all.
I say the sooner the better a private members bill should be filed.

Why are the drama queens and Lulu Bob constantly wringing their hands and getting themselves all worked up about the NFL boogeyman?

I don't know how much clearer it needs to be - - there is absolutely ZERO chance of an NFL team coming to Canada. None. Contrary to what the drama queens and Lulu Bob would have you believe, there's infinitely more money to be made by expanding to South America and Europe than there is with putting a team in Canada. Not to mention the CRTC advertising rules that would kill the revenue sharing. And on top of that, the little matter of finding an individual with about $2 BILLION worth of investment for an NFL team and stadium.

There's more chance of a meteor hitting a CFL game than there is of an NFL team coming to Canada. So instead of wasting time with the laughable paranoia about the NFL, in the future just start threads about the possibility of a meteor strike.

Are you Firetrucking serious???????

Thats messed up,

When did the NFL become Canadas game???? :oops: :thdn:

Yes, this is very messed up...and for only $4,000, what a friggin' joke. The NFL honchos must have had a good laugh when they proposed that amount. :roll:

The NFL is visiting nine university campuses in Ontario and Quebec this fall to support and celebrate Canadian University (CIS) football.

Each NFL on Campus visit includes interactive NFL-themed experiences for students and fans leading up to and during one of the school’s home football games.

The visits also include a $4,000 donation to the intercollegiate football program at each school.

“Having the NFL on Campus as part of Homecoming really helped engage our undergraduate students throughout the entire week.?

During the week leading up to games, students at participating campuses have an opportunity to win prizes, try out the latest Madden NFL game from EA Sports, and participate in programs including NFL on Campus flag football leagues, tournaments and skills competitions (Punt Pass Kick).

“Come game day thousands of students, alumni and families were lined up to enjoy the NFL interactive in stadium,“ added Young. “We are excited to host the NFL on campus experience once again as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mustang athletics at Homecoming September 28. We are anticipating another sold out crowd. “

On game day, interactive NFL experiences include authentic NFL Draft Combine tests (measuring vertical and broad jumps against NFL stars), a Lambeau Leap photo opportunity and NFL kick n’ pass, QB Challenge and Bungee Run zones. Cheer squads, student promotion teams and marching bands will also be decked out in NFL gear.

“The NFL on Campus experience provides the community and students a fan-friendly atmosphere that raises the level of excitement of our home football game,? said Dave Easter, University of Guelph.

Full text here: ... versities/

fucking traitors.

"The NFL is visiting nine university campuses in Ontario and Quebec this fall to support and celebrate Canadian University (CIS) football."
No, the NFL is visiting Canadian Universities to support and promote American football, not Canadian football.

Funny how the Canadian Government protects our banks and telecom companies (telecom looks to be changing though), yet oil and sports are put on platters for the U.S.A

Did Leiweke get his hand slapped by the NFL - things have gotten suspiciously very quiet in TO NEWSPRINT the last couple of weeks concerning the NFL - BILLS thing.

The CFL could spend 100K of the 40 million they will receive from TSN this year and do the same thing.... The CFL gave the Argos and Kitties a million 2 years ago... They could of continued the program and diversified it into something like this. Also they should of not cheaped out and used some of the money from the last record TV contract from 5 years ago and had a world class CFL video game.
I think the CFL would of been much more progressive in these avenues if David Braley didn't control 1/4 of the BOG votes If the CFL doesn't announce a video game for 2015 and instead continues to hoard its money, then I am afraid the CFL will be doomed. This is now a second lost generation of fans.Just look at these boards to figure out where the cfl demographics lie

My guess is CFL doing this on campuses would be a waste of money as the NFL with the "big" image with all the money and high salaried players and American media recognizable players, does the trick to get people interested in gridiron football.

If video games are what will make any league successful, then it's time for me tp pack it in as a sports fan. Or gambling for that matter on games.

advertizers don't care about you...they could care less if you packed it up... they care about people who are 18-34 years old. Video games that target children and young adults target eventual fans who are 18-34