Caretaker's latest report -new stadium

I just read Bob's latest report.
OK make a great case. I am now convinced that we need a new stadium even though I also have this emotional attachment to Ivor Wynne...and yes...its location too.
I admire the fact that Bob has come out at this early stage and put his cards (footballs?) on the table. It is this kind of vision that is why he has been such a successful businessman.
That's leadership and I hope Hamilton's councillors show the same quality in dealing with their part of all this.
If the bid to host the Pan-Am games is to be successful, the politicians in all the locations involved need to get it together very soon and make a big show of support. Or else Toronto can kiss the whole thing goodbye.
So thanks Bob. I hope you have prodded a lot of people into acting quickly on this stadium proposal.
But if the bid falls through and/or the stadium proposal is dead, I hope Ivor Wynne is not left to slowly rot because of municipal inaction.

I also just read this update. Extremely well done and worth the read regardless of your viewpoint.
I certainly have a greater understanding as to the motivation for a new stadium. Not entirely sure I'm off the fence on the issue yet, but certainly respect the Ticats position.

Personally, I would like to thank Bob for writing that. Honestly, it's the little things like that that really make me want to/ wish I could go out and pick up seasons tickets. Hope a few flex paks will suffice!

The only wrinkle I want to ensure is added to the whole debate is the understanding that a stadium is not just a stadium.

Lately, cities have begun to get this right -- that there's a personality within the architecture that reflects the city. Ivor Wynne has this. My fear is that a BMO Field is constructed in the middle of nowhere. A big ol' white elephant.

Since funds are tight, the knee-jerk reaction is to go with what can be afforded. When often that is the most misguided option.

Good reads. slo, BMO a white elephant in the middle of nowhere? Are you kidding me? It's in a great spot at the CNE grounds where the Argos and Jays used to play and is packed all the time for the soccer games, people love going to it, right near the lake. And structural steel, from what I've been reading, has some advantages over using concrete all over the place on a stadium. And using steel makes sense in Hamilton, of course! A BMO that's a bit bigger with maybe the Can Football H of F at some point in it or beside it, wow factor for me at least. I can really sell this to my family in London to come to Hamilton to watch a game, bring the bikes and we'll go for a ride on one of the lakefront trails etc. Man, this could be very, very good. Right now, I can't sell bringing my family from London to a game where the stadium is located, I'm fine with it, but as a place to showcase to a tourist? No way.

Re-read my post. I said "a" BMO Field (...meaning something that looks, smells, feels like BMO Field) in the middle of nowhere.

Meaning, a sterile stadium that could be brought to the ground with a set of tin-snips is plunked down out in the middle of the outskirts of Hamilton.

Ok, ok, I got you, sorry.