Caretaker's Club

What exactly is the "Caretaker's Club" ? What does it include? How much does it cost?

If you have to ask.....

:D probably can't afford it...

It's like the Champions Club...but better...I'm assuming....

Caretaker would know best.

Caretaker club is like fight club

Rule #1 - You do not talk about Caretaker Club

Unless you have money or know someone, you're not likely to get in. I've heard the cost starts at close to $4000 per ticket (that might be a little high) and given how exclusive it is it doesn't sound like many spots open up each year. It's basically an all-inclusive environment where everything (food, drinks, parking) is included, with gold level seats. Given the post above, I've said too much already... :slight_smile:

$4000 seems a tad ridiculous for a CFL game no? Even with food and drink. I went to a Canadiens play off game and sat in club seats for the conference final for 400 which included everything, but booze.

That's $4000 a year, not per game.

Ok $450 with booze, food and seat per game sounds a lot better. That's pretty good for a club seat. I just saw $4000 per ticket and thought wow.

Hahaha yes, price per seat for the season, not per game :slight_smile:

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 They might surprise you and actually know  all the prices and answers that you are looking for !!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

I had tickets to the last game in the Caretaker's Lounge and the price for each ticket for the game was $99/tix. It's probably a little bit more like every other ticket for labour day and the playoffs.

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That $99 is just the price shown on the ticket, but that does not include the cost for Caretaker's Club access. Ask whoever gave you those tickets what they really paid, and I guarantee it wasn't just $99.

I'm assuming that one major difference between the Caretaker's Club and the other "Club" seats are that the price of the seats is not included with the Caretaker's Club. Pretty obvious because it is under that stands and people come up from it and take their seats with everybody else. It's annoying at times because their seats are generally mid-field and they will frequently go down during the game to get drinks which I would think are part of the deal. It's a bit more annoying when the seats have been given to "staff" and they are the one's going down during the game. The other "Clubs" have there own seating area so they don't bother non-club members.