Caretaker Whats next for the Ticats?

Why? A 2-14 record calls for comment and discussion.

edmonton sucked throughout most of the 60's

footballyoubet if you believe caretakeris losing money on this enterprise then you truly are in lala land.

footballyoubet if you believe caretakeris losing money on this enterprise then you truly are in lala land.
Please explain to me how you know this.

Do you work for the team?
Are you their accountant?
Do you work for the league?

Except for the NFL, most sports organizations lose money on a yearly basis hoping on a huge capital gain later.

Bob is doing this for one thing and one thing keep football alive in this city and to show the people of this city that good things can happen here.

I wish we had more people like him here and not certain people, who must have horrible lives, because all they do is complain and denigrate everything.

Lets do the math 22000 x 35 x10+ 7.7 million per.Corprate revenues and ads 1million per ,t.v. 1million per game day revenues 1 million per .ancillary income .5 million per.revenues10.2 million per. expenses players less than 4.8 (we are under the cap) coaching and front office 2 million per cost of running team and front office 2.5 or a total of 9.3 mil prt you do the math.

Wow if accounting was just that simple. And to think you could just randomly estimated numbers when putting together a balance sheet.

The CFL has proven to be a strong financial investment...right? But anyways, I can see some problems already and maybe you can answer these questions.

  1. Did you subtract the taxation of ticket pricing and sponsorship?
  2. What are the costs of travel, equipment, scouting, etc?
  3. Did you know you have to insure every players contract?
  4. What does it cost to run a game day?
  5. Does the team receive revenue from the sale of concessions per game? Seeing how there is a concessionaire I would tend to think they concessionaire would pay to be in the stadium and in return receive the profits from the sale of food, drinks, etc.
  6. What is the current T.V. deal and how much goes directly to the teams and how much does the CFL receive.
  7. What kind of money does the team receive from league wide sponsorship, if anything?
8)What does the team pay in advertising?

I could just keep going as I think of things but I think some would get the point here.

First of all, the $35 has 16% sales tax in (yes p.s.t. is 10% for sporting events) and your assuming they get full price for each ticket. That leaves around $25 to $28 or around $5 to $6 million - maybe.

There are over 20 people (it looks like by seeing this website) employed who have nothing to do with the football side. Another $800,000 to $1,000,000 there.

Players & Coaches plus travel costs etc....easliy $7,000,000 (players on injury reserve and on reserve are not counted under the cap)

The cost of the building they just purchased, of course amortized, furniture, marketing etc.

I would say this team loses easily $2 to $3 million a year

I remember a sideline TV interview with the Caretaker during a ticat home game early in the season.
How optomistic we all were about the Cat's season back then.
Anyway, Caretaker said the past troubles with the Cats were due to the fact the coaches, management and players were not all on the same page.
But golly gee, now they were all on the same page so their troubles should be resolved.
Immediately I thought this man has no clue about football - it was a truely corporate response and my immediate thoughts were this season is going to hit the ground harder than a 20 pound turkey thrown from a bridge. Translation: if this was Bob's solution then the losses would continue as usual and sure enough they did.
Let's get real .... :expressionless:

If he's making any money, it isn't much. If he's losing money, it isn't much either because he also gets to write off a good chunk of the losses against other income, claim depreciating assets, etc. Whatever the case, I think for BY the amounts are not significant--he's in it for other reasons which I think most fans appreciate.

An Argo-Cat fan

My guess is he's losing money. I appreciate what he has done for the fans and for the city. Thanks Bob.
I feel this team is only 4 or 5 good players away from being a solid team. We need to keep our Linebackers and hopefully Setta stays here, I think he is going into his option year.

I think it is also a couple of coaches away from being a good team.

I think Bob puts all he makes back into the team and some,ie the new TiCat building ect. I think the Cats could win the Gray Cup of business in this league because of Bob. The Cats have never been so solid business wise. Now thats something to celebrate. :smiley: :thup:

Thats it then.
Thats the solution.
No more pads for our players . Let them all wear suits to play the games.
We will kick business @ss all day long.

We have to kick business a$$ before we can kick football a$$ fine lad.

Considering the ghastly record of this outfit (and little sign of improvement), I'm continually surprised there aren't more negative posts on this site.

Despite a record much, much better than Hamilton's, the Alouettes are getting blasted by their fans and media big-time.(Here's a sample: ... 29d1ac3020)

I think the problems started with Bob. Don't take this the wrong way. He saved the club from financial ruin and we all know Bob's heart is in it. And, he has brought a great deal of his business savy to the team. But, I feel it was his very large lack of football knowledge that began the spiral down.

Bob said from the start that he knew next to nothing about running a football club and had limited knowledge of the game as a fan.
Bob brought in a lot of people that he thought could do the job but for one reason or another some of the top management people have been replaced and there is no one left on the football side from when he bought the team.
The GM, the coaches, most of the players; even the equipment manager has been replaced.
On the business side, David Sauve was brought in but he left after a year and I'm pretty sure there were a couple others but I'm not sure of who they are.

I think Bob's problem was his vision, in that he wasn't able to mold a team. It was more like assembling one from the parts department. There are some good parts avaiable but if it doesn't fit in with what you have it's not goint to work right. Putting 357 engine into a Chevette will make it go fast but not much else. The design for it isn't there.

When you mold the team you create a sense of style and attitude that that you want followed.
I believe he has done this in the marketing and business side but not the football side.

Take a person like Al Davis or Jerry Jones, I don't particularly like either one of them but you have to admire as to what they wanted their team to be and how they went about it.
These owners knew what they wanted and how their team should be shaped.

All Bob wants is a winning team which is correct but you have to know how your team is going to win.

Dont worry, bob himself could come right on here and say he makes a profit and some on this site would say, "no bob, you lost money". Your only wasting your time trying to discuss it here, they will have some answer to any logic you present. You cant even cut up a 2-14 team on here without someone telling you that your wrong and negative and blah blah blah and just how good and 'close' we are. It cant get lower.

well Bob u should use your money wisely and try to get the team in Ottawa

Salary Cap = Profit.

Why shouldn’t a team be able to make a profit? Just like any other business? The Leafs have been making profits for years.