Caretaker Updates??

How about a caretaker ubdate Bob( why not!) as we deserve one after this lost season. I need a pep talk along with all my Ticat SEASON TICKET HOLDERS WHO ARE THE BREAD AND BUTTER to this Club , keep the faith and stay the path to a Grey Cup in the 10 year plan! :cowboy: Ps: I do not appreciate the fact that we have NO CLUE WHERE THIS CLUB IS PLAYING NEXT SEASON :thdn: THAT IS NOT RIGHT :roll:

If Cortez is still coach, I don’t care. They can play all their games in Moncton next year. In fact I would prefer they do…

Cortez is a good coach, Creham should be fired.. We had the highest scoring team in the league and also the team with the most points against!

I don't see logic in blaming Cortez.
The organization brought him in late which basicly hurt his ability to source a solid OC. He made the decision to be both HC & OC. Either way it could have been him throwing himself to the wolves. If he brought in an OC making a quick decision, fans would be all over him. At least he made the decision to be OC this year & now he can begin reviewing options for next year. IMO he made the best decision rather than a rash one. I would think we should question the D-backfield & our receiving core for being sloppy throughout the year, with the biggest focus on the D-backfield.

Every team playing the Cats this year knew if they went long they'd win.
As for a caretaker update, I'm tired of hearing "talk" with little substance at this point.


Moncton won’t support a crappy team. Keep Cortez and his pencil in Hamilton please.

What's with the love of Cortez... He made numberous dumbass decisions. The DC worked for him. That means the Defense was his fault too! If your employee doesn't do his job and your the boss, you better do something more pro-active then sticking a pencil up your nose.

Why does the buck stop at Cortez?

By your logic, it's Bob Young's fault.

The Caretaker gave his update at the Post Game Ceremonies !! :thup:

Yeah, I really would like to know by next year. I'm getting sick and tired of everyone asking me where they are playing next year, because somehow as a season ticket holder I have a mythical insight into the future and location negotiations of the team.

Although I should add, I'm sure they will let us know as soon as it's decided.

And it was the standard "feel good" nothingness we've become accustomed to...

Cortez job is secure until the Labour Day game 2014 & should be.
It goes both ways, & the team will be on the road all of next season.
I think the guy is a brilliant offensine mind, but has been schooled by the game and opposing HCs.
The defence has been bad before, but at least it looked like something normal.
The past two years I have watched a scad of half decent players thrown on the trash heap because the DC refuses to play the game at the line of scrimage.
Every team in the league knew we threw all our guys into coverage & hurt us up the middle, the most punishing & costly place in any game.
We need a guy with some success at DC. A former Cat would be ideal.
Obie has stacked this team with outstanding offensive talent, despite injuries, trades, & NFL signings.
He is a valuable asset & should never be thrown under the bus for these results.
Hats off to Hank for 43 TDs. I know he played his heart out, & that is an absurd amount of TDs.
This is my update.

It's hard to fault the team for when they brought him in. He was under contract to the Buffalo Bills, whose final games last year took place on January 1. Cortez was officially hired on January 7. They brought him about as early as they could.

Oh yeah, sign up Chris Williams long term.
Dump as much as you have to, but pay that guy as much as you can.
There has never been a player like that in any league at any time.
Dont let the NFL get a sniff of this guy.
They will maim him on & off the field.
He can play 10+ years & slide right into a nice life with the right deal.

full agreement Spinner.

Give him a 5++ year contract at $250,000++ per term and the club will not regret it. (neither the fans)

I offer CW free snow removal.
I absolutely love firing up the snowlower & cutting a swath.
My neighbours do too!

Chris Williams came within a hand injury of making an NFL roster once already. In 2014, the NFL minimum salary for rookies will be $420,000. If Williams somehow fails to catch on with an NFL team, his agent’s phone will be ringing off the hook from every team in the CFL. All assuming he doesn’t get derailed by injury.

This is why he should be sewn up ASAP.
No NFL coach is gonna even consider a 165 pound footballer except as practice roster fodder.
This guy has a 10+ year career in the CFL.
2 max in the NFL .

Funny you talk about size when

  1. Santana Moss, WR, Washington
  2. Wes Welker, WR, New England
  3. Steve Smith, WR, Carolina
  4. Lee Evans, WR, Buffalo
  5. Deion Branch, WR, Seattle

These Players are all Small WR doing just fine in the NFL! Williams will make it in the NFL in 2014! I hope he does as he deserves it 110%. Why would any player want to play in the CFL if they can play in the NFL!

These players are small by NFL standards but big by Chris Williams standards. Wes Welker 185 lbs, Deion Branch 195 lbs, Steve Smith 185, Santana Moss 189, Lee Evans 197