Caretaker Update

Get update Bob!

I actually called the office today to purchase additional tickets to Labour Day and the gentlemen indicated that there weren't any pairs left available in Box J. I'm sure the Arland Bruce trade helped draw some attention.

Looking forward to the atmosphere on September 7th.

Bob's gotta be SOO happy that we don't stink this year! I can only imagine after the last 4 years what it feels like to have a record above 500. I swear you can see it in his body language and attitude during the update.

You guys have a great owner, you see the passion and excitement and enjoyment of being the Caretaker from smile to his bouncy personality to the way he jumps from subject to subject.

We got a clown in a suit CEOing this community franchise in E-town... :cry:

Bob is the man.

Thank God Bobs on our team. :thup: :smiley:

Bob's our uncle!

Mr.Young and his family are great people who make our community better. Thanx Bob!