Caretaker Update

All I can say is thank you Bob,that was the most insperational speach I have ever heard.If that doesn't convince the fans that you care about the team and the Fans nothing will.......
That was one of the best reads I've had in a while..

Thank you Bob that was great.. See you next year at the games..........

What did he say?

Two points that caught my eye:

“The trick to achieving excellence is not to start out excellent.”

Every political party in Canada will be rushing to the Trademark Office so they can adopt this as their campaign slogan :lol:

“For the record: the white pants chosen in 2005 were a mistake. The team will be wearing gold pants next season.”

Power to the fans !!! :twisted: :thup:

That was indeed a good update and I had fun reading it. 8)

The rest of that paragraph bob wrote about "the trick to achieving excellence" is pure John Wooden, the UCLA basketball coach who won 665 games and ten NCAA Championships in twelve seasons, including 7 in a row from 1967 to 1973.

bob said "The trick is just to get a little better tomorrow. And then the day after that. And the day after that. If you keep on getting better pretty soon you’ll be pretty good. But if you keep on learning, studying, and paying attention and then applying everything you learn to become better – who knows, maybe we will achieve something close to excellence."

John Wooden said "In anything, failure to prepare is preparing to fail. One of the points in the seven point creed that my dad gave me was "Make each day your masterpiece." You're not going to make great improvement in one day. But, if you miss out one day, you've lost a little bit. You've got to build up a little each day. It's little things that eventually become big things and make big things happen. It's building up on the little things, and youngsters must understand that."

By the way, in preparing his teams for games
Coach Wooden never mentioned winning.

He was an amazing player, coach and teacher,
loved by his players, both stars and bench-warmers.

Well into his 90's, he can still be seen courtside
at NCAA games during March Madness.

[click here] and scroll to the bottom
for a synopsis of his great career

or "google" his name if you want to learn more about him and his influence on basketball and the men he coached.

Two statements that bob made
he has already proved to be true...

'Like the rest of you I hate losing.

Not as much as our coaches and players hate it but
as I mentioned in a post a week ago in our forums,

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not
going to take it any more!?'


'We are committed to doing whatever is necessary
to enable our players to raise the performance
of the Tiger-Cats football team

to routinely achieve a standard of excellence
that we can all be proud of.'

bob proved this by hiring more scouts
and bringing in players last season

and by hiring a new G.M. late this year
to get us a new Head Coach and coaching staff.

I wish the players had of bought into Bobs desire to win . Teans that dont have the greatest talent in the world can still be successful if they play as a team .

Our chemistry was not the greatest this season , meaning, players didnt want to go to war for each other . They werent willing to dive and jump for balls and make blocks downfield and fight tooth and nail to get to QBS or keep them away from our QBS .

So we struggled , the coach and GM always get blamed for this and it wouldnt really matter who the coach and GM are it wasnt going to work . How was Marshall ect supposed to know these guys wouldnt jell ??

I think and always will think that SOME players mailed in this season . They may have started out in the right frame of mind but early on they decided they werent gonna give what it takes to win . A team has to think about the TEAM first and themselves second obvioulsy it didnt work that way here did it ??

Players run into coaches all the time that they dont like or respect , the pros in the group still give their all , the others apparently come to play for the Ticats .

And one more point , If you dont want to go to war for a CFL ledgend then you dont want to play football . Theyll soon see that all the other teams caught thier act this season and will act accordingly when its time to sign players in the free agent market !!!!

That is all well and good, but I wanted to know what Mr. Young considers his favourite food.

You are a hellavafella. No wonder you are a successful businessman.
Can't wait for the next season. You will also have a new fan in the stands for at least one game. I promised I will make the trip down from Peterborough to take my grandson to his first football game next August and also let him see my old hometown.

Laughinghard , great post !!!! ... lol ...

Hi habman: I don't entirely agree with this. It is the coach and GMs job, first and foremost, to assess talent and determine whether or not the guys in question are capable.

Just as important, it is their job, in my opinion to instill the killer instinct that makes these guys put out in a winning fashion. They are responsible for making sure that the players they selected have the team spirit it takes to win.

To me, the desire to win is more important than talent and I've seen this proven many times.

A couple of my old coaches used to sit our teams down and tell us these things using his best Knute Rockne attitudes. I bought into it then, and I still do.

Peterborough...I wonder how many people on here remember the old Peterborough Orphans in the old ORFU.

DO you have a feeling that Bob is
leaning towards Don M. as H.C.??
He seems to like the guy.

I haven't seen any indication to even suggest that.

HE praised him in his latest Update.

I wouldn't read too much into that. Bob said good things about Don Matthews and Wally Buono in that update, as he was discussing what he learned in his time as the team's owner/caretaker. He said coaches like them have experienced success mostly because they hold every team member accountable. All I would read into that part of the update is that he's saying we need that kind of coach.

Anyway, I suggest reading that update, especially if you're wondering why so many people wanted to see another one of these updates. It definitely was worth taking the time to read it. What I personally liked the most about it was the discussion of how Bob is getting better at what he is doing. It was said that early on, the mess left over from previous ownership groups had to be cleaned up. But in this era of our caretaker, mistakes were made early on, and these mistakes are being corrected. And as those mistakes are being corrected, the team will improve. I so believe that Marcel Desjardins and a new coach could go a long way to improve this team as it rebuilds from the top down. And in the next few years, we will hopefully see the effects of any improvement made in terms of scouting. I do believe that the team will improve as they continue to aspire to best one of the best-run teams in the league. It can be done.

that's a bit of a stretch.
he used him as an example to support the point he was making.
i think you're reading waaaaay to much into that statement.

If anyone is looking for the recent update you can find it under "News" tab on the home page, or here:

And I loved the Wooden quote contributed by ronfromtigertown. Amazing how consistent the messaging is from all the most successful coaches.

Although I have to admit my very favorite is from Lombardi (or at least attributed to Lombardi):
"The harder you work, the luckier you seem to become." :wink:

As to the Matthews vs Taaffe vs whoever debate: We are still working hard at adding more names to the list of HC candidates. We have not (yet) started to eliminate anyone.

Hopefully John Huard has been elimated. :wink:

Yeah, the argos are gonna need him back once Clemons leaves.

Is Mike Clemons going to have a baby?