Caretaker update

Haven't had one since May. Mr. Caretaker what's going on (other than the usual disappointment).

Bob's at a loss for words at what happened this year.

doubleblue wrote:
Bob's at a loss for words at what happened this year.

That is -exactly- the situation. I´ve tried to compose several Updates over the summer and each one seems less helpful than the one before.

Only good news is that instead of working on Updates, we´ve been working on reorganizing the football side of the Ticats to get a structure and people in place who can fix this.

As a Ticat fan, I´m really tired of not winning.

Very classy response Bob.

me 2 bobby!

Thank you for your response. Seeing the dedication from you makes me want to continue my season tickets.

Appreciate that Bob. This team will get better and it will be fun to watch it build as such.

Thanks Bob. Good of you to respond. Keep up the good work. Marcel Desjardins looks like a great start to the re-building.


ME TOO!/quote]

Meh, I’m used to it.

I just hope it doesn't take another five
years to rebuild this team.I would like to
have another CUP before 2010.

Thanks Bob. In my mind, there's never been another owner as tuned in to the fans as you are.

To say I appreciate your responses somehow seems inadequate.

Thanks for all the times you have bared your soul to us over the past few years. Your truth and honesty is gratifying.

You are becomming more educated as time goes on in terms of the necessities of running a football team like the Tiger Cats and I get the distinct feeling you're on the verge of some winning seasons.

Bob will not be denied a cup,he will bring one home.

When does the Season Start :roll: