CARETAKER - Trading Manziel is a MISTAKE

If Johnny is gone that’s the final draw for me after this season I’m finished as a season seat holder done bye this is the Stupidest trade in Ticat history Tillman must be hitting the hooch again
BS terrible move

Stop it.

I don't think you are the only person feeling that way.

Are you open to a little advice?
Now that the deal is done, have your people assign Williams, or Westerman jersey #2 and give anyone with a TiCat Manziel jersey, at least, a free new name plate -- "Williams" or
"Westerman" or any other name (perhaps their own) the fan chooses.

“I think [Manziel] would be the best player to ever play up here,? Jones told the CFL’s in-house podcast The Waggle. “He can throw it and he can run it like nobody has ever been able to do.?
Best. Player. Ever.
Famous last words !
Cc: Orlondo Steinauer

They'd better give me my $200 back on my jersey. I don't want a Chris I-Screwed-You-Already Williams jersey and I don't want to spend another dime on merch this year.

Time and time again this team disappoints us...

I'm going to modify my post on the jersey update idea to include the words "at least" and also Westerman as a possible new owner of #2. I hadn't considered the grudge many, here, still hold against Williams.

Depending on how the season plays out, not renewing my season tix will definitely be a consideration after this debacle.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid trade.

I already emailed my ticket guy and put him on noticed about this jersey situation if he can't rectify it for me...

If Manziel lights it up and MTL gets in playoffs and we don't, there's gonna be an even bigger issue. Nothing good can come of this trade. I honestly dont see us as that much better of a team bringing in WR depth and a CDN DE after giving him up plus TWO starting OL with nobody to replace them.

Totally gob smacked with this move! I have to admit that I was excited at the start of the season with the signing of with this and recent performance...totally deflated. I think this organization is in chaos!

Ticatsfan25 I'm totally disgusted by your message about bob Young's deceased brother. It is sickening at all levels and I will personally make sure that the cfl in Toronto's head office will read about this and I will make sure you are banned off this site and admins better and I mean better ban this jerk.

Bob young do the right thing or I will make sure this gets into the public eye and newspapers because I have family who work for chch and spectator.

I'm so irate and admins needs to take action.


So disgusting and ignorant and you should be permanently banned off this site.. this goes beyond just a warning talking about someones deceased brother like that. You make me want to take this to the CFL head office. This trash talking on this site is the last straw and this is the icing on the cake with the ignorance with some of you.



You really need to chill out. He is quoting a sign in the Ticat dressing room.

And then turn into a blame Masoli for everything should have kept Collaros thread.

I find what needs to be chilled out is all the attacking on this site and when you defend yourself admins write to you in a private messege telling you that you're not following guidelines but allow these other people who there friends with the opportunity to attack.

It was a certain admin who old me to behave after I was attacked and it was bob young who defended me. Its stuff like that which needs to change on these forum guidelines. Admins need to stop with the favouritism.

I am not a fan of the cats now.

now cheering for the Calgary Stampeders

I understand that you're frustrated but I think that Ticatsfan25 is just passionate about the team and wants them to do everything possible to put the best product on the field for our entertainment. He may have been a little too brash but lets not condemn him.

I'm taking this right to the top.
I'm talkin' the Justin guy at the top.
We be tight an stuff.
Hell hath no fury than the Biebs fury.
No what Im sayin'?

Nooo!! Say it ain't so!