CARETAKER - Trading Manziel is a MISTAKE


This may be premature, but there are headlines saying trade discussions for Johnny Manziel are happening. As the Caretaker of this team you owe it to your fans and customers to step in and stop this nonsense.

The organization fought long and hard to get him here. The team waited 6 years, went through negotiations/approvals with the league to get his contract approved, and finally long negotiations with him and his agent. You gained (and continue to gain) sports headlines around the world because he is on our team. You know first hand what jersey sales are like and he hasn't played a single snap with us yet.

Trading him, let alone WITHIN THE DIVISION, while your starting QB is struggling and the team is on a losing streak without seeing him take a single snap is a grossly poor judgement call. Your fans and the City of Hamilton deserve better than that. With the number of starting QBs who have gone down already everyone knows how important having a good backup is, and now there are rumours you're about to move yours? Someone who is likely the best backup in the league? Again, without having taken a single snap? Your HC claimed he could be the best player the league has ever seen, and here we are going into week 7 and there are rumours you're going to move him? Within the division?? Without having seen a regular season snap???? When your current QB is playing BAD??

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Would be nice to see him play a down or 2 before trading him off that is for sure.

I expect this thread to go at least 40 pages. 8)

If he's got nothing and this is overhyped then I am fine with moving him if it will benefit the team. But these rumours, unfounded or not, make zero sense when he hasn't played a down...

Could have just emailed the Caretaker...

I think we deserve to hear a public response to this. Again, they're rumours, maybe unfounded, but its crazy to me at this point that it's even a rumour. "Hi let's help out our division rival and gift them a QB so they can perhaps be competitive with us while meanwhile making us 1 hit away from losing our starter, who has played poorly as of late, with nobody behind him."

I can’t believe someone would actually start a thread like this.

All speculative nonsense.

How do to actually think you deserve a public response? Come on...grow up. Caretaker owes you nothing.

I'm surprised it took this long for Tillman to fleece Kavis, he must be bleeding and raw by now I guess.

Kavis hasn't been seen in Montreal media for almost two months. He's probably hiding from the Wetenhall by now LMAO.

The reality is Manziel is here for Manziel having a good time, not a long time. He's in the perfect situation as a luxury backup to Masoli, Montreal trading its future for what will be at the most one productive season (assuming he's not worried about an injury as he attempts his comeback to the NFL). Montreal has already given up its first and second round picks for 2019. That means no young influx of Canadian talent until 2020, this team would not be competititve at least until 2022. THE FRANCHISE WON'T SURVIVE THAT LONG.

The Wetenhall should do the right thing and sell that franchise for whatever they can get to local interests and never be heard of again. They don't have a f... clue what they are doing and most fans have already put an X on them.

Hope it doesn't happen...

No, Bob doesn't owe us any response but as the best owner in the league he has repeatedly offered his opinion and outlook on the future. I hope he weighs in here.

Sorry, let me clarify. I don't expect management to talk about rumours, I know how professional sports work. It's more important he sees the public discussion around how his loyal fans feel rather than us hear what his current feelings are. Obviously if a move is made we will get team statements etc at that point.

And actually yeah he does owe us all. Most of us are loyal paying customers of his and if he knowingly makes a poor decision such as moving him without playing a down in the regular season, knowing fully we need a good/capable backup, and setting us back then he's going to lose a bunch of said loyal paying customers. I can guarantee you that.

I know this could all be nothing in the end but it's just mind blowing we are even having this type of discussion about him.

blackandgold: Manziel is unproven so he worth more if he does NOT play for us. Let Montreal find out if he lives up to all the hype.

For Pete's sake... how do these posts end up being a philosophical pissing contest so often?

Stay on track. Lose the sarcasm.

Getting sick of this!

Holy smokes...3 whole years..and $400 on jerseys.

He better listen to you.

I know for a fact that after 42 years of purchasing multiple seasons tickets that the Cats do not care at all about any one seasons ticket holder and any issues you may have.

Go to the games because you have fun, love watching live football and feel a connection to this team, but don’t for one second feel like they owe you an explanation for how they run this team. Believe me I found this out first hand with every ownership group involved with the Ticats. It’s about making money and Bob Young is really good at it. I envy his business prowess.

Sorry for being so sarcastic (realist)

Well, they did listen when people put up a big stink about hiring Art Briles. So maybe just maybe they may listen if people put up a big stink about the Manziel trade rumours.

I agree with both of you.

And I agree with you.

As STH, I’d be very disappointed if Manziel gets traded. What could MTL possibly even give us?

Well with Tillman as our GM and with his track record of late ? My guess would be a bag of peanuts and a bag of magic beans . Get er done Tillman !!! :o

I agree with you completely. However, maybe they know something we don't and that is why they are even entertaining the idea of trading him without him taking a snap during the regular season. If he flops he is worthless as trade bait, if he is successful what do they do with Masoli if they think Johnny is going to bolt to the NFL after his contract is up. Personally, I would play him based on the performance of our QB, especially during the last two games.