caretaker......this bud's for you

Uh, no. And to think I've stood up for you the past two games! :smiley:

Ok, we'll thumb wrestle for it :stuck_out_tongue: (I appreciate your support)

Fife, I see your point, but I think that Bob knows the nature of the fanbase and that they can turn on a dime. He wants to improve this team as much as we want him to.

Please revisit this thread after 39 years.

I know Crash personally and I can attest that he is indeed a "closet" Leafs fan. Time to come out Crash...

Young has spent $ to get some great players (I like watching Maas, Holmes, Ranek, Vaughn and Ralph the most) and, as a result, the games are fun to watch because I always think we can win. If we don't win, I'm disappointed, but I also realize that in the first three games this year, the Cats have gotten better each time out, and that that trend of improvement will continue. I still think we can make the playoffs this year by beating out Toronto for third place in the East.

Dude, where do you get this from?

Like i know someone named Parker thats 71 years old... um no.

And Leafs fan? You'd have to be a closet fan to like the Leafs wouldnt you?

CBC announcers are hired on their "faith" that "Civilization, as we know it, ends at Dixie Road"

Ti Cat supporters know and understand that the League is only successful in its attraction outside of Toronto, and now we only need to let the idiot ownership of the Argo's, the BoG's and the referees in on this little "secret", in that iot is, in fact, perfectly permissible to throw a flag on TO, Montreal, or Vancouver, and Western Civilization, as we know it, will not come to an end...

Hey T P

Boy, I've been laughing ever since I read your post re: OUR GANG BUCKWHEAT.... that sure was funny........anyway's
T P you're not a racist....are you :?
If not, you should know that I like red beans and rice. :cowboy:

Hey...good to know that you're on the black and gold bandwagon...keep the faith bro. :thup:

The most storied team in hockey history - The Montreal Canadiens.

Not racist at all, but I apologize if that's the way it came across. I'm more of a Three Stooges fan myself, which explains my continued support of certain teams which have undergone spells of ineptitude.

3rd option for your namesake is the grain. Would asking that make me a meatist or an anti-vegite? :smiley:


Buckwheat is not a grain.

It's actually derivied from a fruit seed and is extremely nutritious. People with sensitivities to wheat gluten can eat it.

The only reason I know is due to the fact that I eat buckwheat. In Russia it's a staple food for them. They call it kasha.

I'm a fitness nut that looks into everything I eat.

I was thinking about the TC players including it in their diets. :cowboy:

Anyways back on topic, the caretaker does not wilt under pressure, thinks things through rationally, does not make rash decisions, looks positively at the long term project at hand, and lets everyone around him know that we'll get through this stage,of the long term plan.

Can't think of anyone else whom I'd want to be the caretaker of this franchise. :cowboy:

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

I'm thinking he must be eating his buckwheat. :thup:

Shouldnt it be 'this 8 dollar bud's for you'

I was wondering why we haven't heard much from you about the Forbidden Website, and its predecessor, the Forbidden Chant.

Stay tuned, we aren't going anywhere. The Cats might not be doing too well right now, but those argos, they really s*.* :wink: