caretaker......this bud's for you

I've followed this team for many years and have seen many ups and downs. Usually it was easy to get discouraged with the state of affairs in the past but since you've taken over the atmosphere has always been encouraging and positive. You're a person who does what he says and that gives you great credibility. You've put your money where your mouth is, and no matter what you read on this site, 99% of the fans are behind you. :thup:

With a few little tweaks here and there, we should be able to get back on track.

I, just like everyone else, like to give my two cents worth re: improvments, but bottom line is with your guidance, and wisdom I feel confident, in time, we'll be fine. :cowboy: :slight_smile: :wink:

Also Mr. Caretaker, you stated when we do get things right, you won't stop improving things, on and off the field. This is what is going to make Hamilton the model franchise in the CFL :thup: :cowboy: :thup:

Nice post.....and well-timed as, although Bob is just a "suit"....(j/k Bob)....I'm sure he has feelings too like the rest of us and he's been taking a "sh*t kicking" lately (I like it actually because it's usually me taking it......hahaha) :wink: :lol:

No, seriously...great post! :thup:

Bud for Bob!

Bob Young has got to know that we're behind him all the way.

Just like the song says.....before you accuse, criticize and abuse...walk a mile in my shoe's.

It's a lot easier making decisions when you're in the don't have to take any heat if they don't pan out.

Kinda like McGuinty when he was in opposition chewing apart the Harris government re: Ipperwash. Now he has to make the tough calls in Caledonia but he's been hiding under a table. It's a lot easier calling the shots when you're not in charge. :cowboy:

Thanks for the support guys, but you don't have to worry about my feelings. I've worked in the tech industry my whole career, and in the Internet business the last decade or so.

In short, I don't take offense easily.

Better yet, I've learned that when your critics are right there is no point arguing with them.

Of course some of the posts here are a little redundant, but hey, I'm much happier our fans were passionate about our won-loss record than if they didn't care!


I'll drink tonight's Lakeport in honour of Bob... Nobody can deny the fact that since Mr Young has taken over this team has been run 1000% better than before...

Having said that there's a big difference in not having faith in the decision makers... and demanding change from those in charge of football operations.

No offence but this thread isnt necessicary, we show our gratitude by attending each home game without fail, buying merchandise and not boycotting when the going gets rough.

Spoken like a true Leaf fan.

I cant stand the Leafs.

So when was the least time the Leafs were in danger of losing their franchise?

Cause comparing the CFL to the NHL is about as foolish as calling me a Laughs fan.

Speak for yourself there.......Crash

If it wasn't for the caretaker you wouldn't have a place to vent your chronic bitching. :o

You're probably a Maple Leaf fan too! :cry:

Difference is the caretaker will take care of people like you and bring you a winner. :cowboy:

warm regards there crash: buckwheat

Speak for yourself there.......Crash If it wasn't for the caretaker you wouldn't have a place to vent your chronic bitching.
Right... Therefore i go to the games whether we win or lose... didnt i just mention that?
You're probably a Maple Leaf fan too!
I thought I already established that im not a Leafs fan...
Difference is the caretaker will take care of people like you and bring you a winner.
I know that... so whats the problem?
warm regards there crash: buckwheat
Thanks, I think.

Likely wouldn't have a team to vent about either. 8)

Are you the "SNL" buckwheat, or the "Our Gang" buckwheat? :lol:

Geez.....sorry there crash.

I thought that you might have been a Leaf's fan and then there would be no hope for you. With the Cats 0 and 3 and being a Leaf's fan too could make a person suicidal. :cry:

Anyway's I'll sleep better tonight. :wink:

Hang in there bud. :cowboy:

Gill and Kubina don't represent hope??? :slight_smile:

The only hope for a Leafs' fan is to cheer for a different team Ty :wink:

It's hard when CBC insists on showing them every single weekend, and Bob Cole insists on embellishing the Toronto goals with such geriatric gusto. Must... stop... watching......

I'm pretty sure I know of a good 12 step program for you :wink:

If it involves watching Sabres hockey, how good can it be?

How about the Carolina Panthers....if you need to cheer for a championship team.

No need to worry....when the Cats are back on top when it counts, you can jump back on board. :cowboy:

You know it’s gotta be the Habs, Ty. As far as I’m concerned Buffalo is the Toronto of the US (sportswise of course)

Two entirely separate bandwagons buckwheat. I'm definitely on the one painted black and gold.

The blue and white one is my dilemma. :oops:

What I meant to say was that when the stands are filled, the lineups for beer are long and the merchandise is moving, there's less incentive to improve the team which is what's ailed the Leafs for decades. I realize that comparing the CFL to the NHL is an apples and oranges thing but nevertheless, there are times when too much support for team can be counter-productive, e.g. when the team is mediocre over a few seasons like the Cats.

An Argo fan (but not a Leaf fan)