Caretaker starting to see the light

Finally, nice to see some "hatred" towards those Argos, about time Bob :wink: :

"The only team I want to see crash and burn are the Argos." he said"

Spectator, Mond. Nov. 5/07

...I just saw that quote now, and (of course) rushed on over to in order to make some hay. But, you gotta get up awful early (or stay up awful late?) to get ahead of Earl.

Hey Bunner, I'm an early riser but fade quick at night have to admit.
I think this could be the most significant move by Bob in his years as owner, who knows eh? 8)

We'll certainly see. After this ticket increase thing, he could use the forbidden demographic on his side.

Although Bob claims to have cornered the market on frustration, he should think of how the last three years have been from the perspective of the only fans in franchise history to be officially singled out for sanction by the Tiger-Cat ownership.

It's never too late though. Our love for Bob may be unrequited, but it's still love.

A rich, crazy, local person is still the dream owner for any franchise, and we're lucky to have him. I just worry he might wake up rational one day. I hope not.

Oh what troubles times are these when even the Caretaker's pariahs feel obligated to stick up for him.

very nice very nice growing a sack

[Menacingly evil 'Star Wars Emperor' voice...]

Good, I can feel your anger! Use your aggressive feelings, Bob. Let the 'hate' flow through you!

All right Bob..Next thing you know he'll be Doing the forbidden chant...Cmon Bob say it....

Are you sure that comment wasn't taken out of context? :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Cant you feel the love in this room? LMAO to much!