Caretaker - something good from Saturday night!


I hope you read Rusty25's post.
I would like to add my own kudo's.
I recently moved to Peterborough, which is the closest I have been to Hamilton since I left
in 1961. I have been a Tiger Cat fan all along.
I took my 8 year old grandson to his first football game Saturday night. He was thrilled.
Other than the score, what a wonderful experience being back at Ivor Wynne. The staff were polite and courteous, the crowd around us were great, the fly-past and opening ceremonies were impressive. There's nothing like being with a big hometown crowd cheering the team (owned by some local fella) on. The waves were great and my grandson loved the cheer started by Angelo Mosca. I have seen a lot written about the stadium announcer but I have to say he did a great job. Lots of enthusiasm and laughs. Much better than I expected.
A dog show at half time? Great idea and the crowd seemed to agree.
The facilities were in good shape, the Tiger Cat and Mac cheerleaders added to the fun. In short you and your staff delivered a great nights entertainment in a very professional way.
I just wanted to pass on some thoughts from the perspective of someone who has not been to the stadium for many years....and wanted to have his grandson experience a CFL football game.
You done a great job for the fans. It was a night my grandson and I will never forget. We will be back.

Hey Mr62, watch out, you talking good are only going to bring out the "sheep police" around here. :lol:

mr62cats helps put things in perspective.

Interesting. It surely does make a difference what shoes your wearing. Being a Cats fan from Atlantic Canada, I'm thinking we would take the Cats 0-2 and all, in Moncton or Halifax in a heartbeat. By the time the novelty of finally having a team of our own wore off, the rebuilt Cats would be "peaking" hmmm

Hey! Get your own team.

Seriously, get a team. I'd love to make an annual road trip to see a TiCat game in Halifax.

I brought someone who had never been to a CFL game before and he was equally impressed with the entire experience. Even the game result didn't sour his impression.


Thanks for this note. It's both helpful and timely for all of us with the Tiger-Cats.

We've been working hard trying to build the model CFL organization and have had some success on the business, entertainment, and customer service side.

But we and our die-hard fans have been disappointed in our lack of success on the field. I'm sure you've read some of that frustration here in the last couple of days.

We will get there on the football side, between Charlie and his talented coaching staff and Marcel and the great players we've brought into town we will be successful. The only question is when.

In the meantime we are thrilled to see posts like yours. They remind us of why we are working so hard. Thank you.

Cheers, Bob.

i also would love to see a CFL team in would be amazing..we need to build the CFL and make it stronger.Its amazing to think about. It would be nice to see ottawa get another CFL team also. Ottawa fans sure love there sports..look at how there NHL team did this was amazing..i think they can be competitive again in the CFL.


I heartily agree with 62 cats ... the game experience in AMAZING ... friends from Toronto who came to the game said the experience at the Dome does not compare at all to IWS!

It is a good night out ... and YES Bob I think we will get there on the ball front ... it'll take time and patience but we'll get there.

Let's just please not react too quickly ... this new team and new coaches will need time together.

as much as i love halifax ( i lived there for a couple years) id put a team in moncton first. only because its so close to fredricton and saint john gives it a bigger fan base.

i ended up sitting right behind argo fans!

they were pretty annoying

my dad threatened to punch one of them out

and i think he scared em cuz after that he didnt bother us at all

another plus COLD BEER in cans. yes it was very cold. And the hotdogs rocked. now back to the main problem....

Are you sure about that? I saw you making Moncton jokes on youtube.
I guess those were really "insert city here" jokes.

Tell me about it. I bet it'll turn out that Jesus is really from Guelph, Cobourg, Steeltown and some guy's basement in North Bay.

I have to agree with Mr62cats... You can't go wrong with the entertainment the game provides. To heck with the losing season, I wouldnt mind if they lost but it was close... It's just too much of a sting sometimes. But as for the experience its great.

Facilities are great, crowd is large and loud, excellent wave going there in the third quarter!!! Announcer had it going on! I actually heard somebody complain on the radio cause he was trying to watch the game on tv and couldn't hear chris walby cause of our announcer. I say dont be cheap and come ot the game =D.

Mac Cheerleaders :wink:;), what can i say? I'm kicking myself for being a laurier student :stuck_out_tongue:. Overall bob young and the rest of the PR and Marketing teams have done an excellent job glamorizing and supporting a (sometimes questionable) product.

But one thing, how much would it or should it really cost for a bottle of water, pop, or can of beer? SERIOUSLY? I've heard of markup but i want to actually know if that's necessary, especially when you are told you cant bring in a bottle of water from the outside? Isn't that kind of a restriction to somone's freedom? Sometimes it's worse than ciniplex odeon. Overall good though!