Caretaker please take notice

I've been waiting all season for a tea at the games. I'm sorry I don't drink coffee and I can't consume any alcohol, so I'm trying to figure out how I can sneak in a thermos of hot tea.

Any suggestions Bob. :? :?

well they have hyrdration packs that you put on like a backpack that has a rubberized tubing for a straw, my son has one he used to wear when he was sailing, I think he got it at sportchek, I even think they come with a thermal model for hot beverages as well as the cold ones.

ya, last i heard "camelback" or something of the like was top of the line in that sort of contraption.

they are called camelbacks but unfortunately you cannot put anythig hot in them.

Yes, tea would be good, green tea in fact. I had to give coffee up a year and a half ago, sadly. Now I'm practically narcoleptic.

Anyway, I tried to bring a Tim Horton's green tea (Starbuck's green tea is the best)into the stadium and they wouldn't let me in with it.

It would also be nice to be able to buy water for less than the price of gold bullion as well.


Yeah that stuff they call Tim Horton's coffee is horrendous. I can't stomach coffee like that.
I've been looking for a hot tea at the stadium all year to no avail. Next game I'll be bringing my own tea in somehow. I don't think it's a deal to have hot water and tea bags........hey, I'll even bring my own's that.