Caretaker or Owner what is He ?

Bob has allways Said he is Caretaker of this team.
That This Team Belongs to the Fans .

Do You like This ?
Should Bob Young Keep his Caretaker nickname?
Should Bob Just Be Called an Owner like Most Owners in the CFL.?

Why is this poll even here?.. does it matter???


Bob can call himself whatever he wants..

I wish he would lose the "Caretaker" tag and just be known as the owner. We all like him either way.

This is my posted this .
It was Cute for while but now it kind of Getting old
I wish Bob would just Call him Self the the owner of the ticats.

supreme commander

Super Hero !!!! he saved the Cats in a single cheque !!!!

Bob could call himself "Butterfly Sugar Pants" for all I care. I'd still be greatful for his ownership of this team and I'd still be a die-hard fan!

purple monkey dishwasher

How about the caretaker of the Tiger Cats ownership team. :wink:

He should becalled the saviour but he is to humble to call himself that so he took on the name caretaker because he save our proud team for the city and Ticat fans every where.For that I will always be gratful!


Oski Wee Wee,


"My name is 'Sue!' How do you do!

I don't care what he wishes to be addressed as long as he is a gorilla in the football boardrooms.

Bob is the owner and I don't ever recall the beer being cheaper as a result.